Journyx 12.3 Insight Release Connects Automated Time Collection to Deep Analytics

New Journyx “Insight” Release Driving Customer Enterprise Value through Workforce Time Intelligence

In 2018, Journyx introduced smart time tracking that incorporated machine learning to fill out timesheets automatically based on the most accurate, real-time information available in frequently used business systems. In 2019, we delivered a major overhaul of the Journyx application to deliver the best user experience in the enterprise time market. All of these product initiatives were in service of our goal to make collecting time data “100 times” better than it is today.

The Journyx Insight release, scheduled for general availability in November of 2020, continues to deliver on our goal by expanding the user experience and smart tracking to specific work start/stop times, as well as incorporating the powerful Microsoft’s Azure Monitor® analytics platform to use data for better decision making. Connecting the smart time tracking with powerful telemetry for performance and usage analytics, project alerts and trend analysis allows Journyx to be your single source of truth for business time intelligence.

The Insight release has valuable features for everyone with something to gain from enterprise time tracking.

For those who are filling out timesheets, the new release brings all of your time entry needs together in one powerful interface for tracking project and overhead time in one time, in one place. Whether you need to track your daily in and out times to allocate to projects, or you need to capture the start and stop times for individual jobs, Journyx offers a single interface for entering the details quickly and easily. When you include the suggestions engine in your set of tools, Journyx practically fills out your timesheet for you based on what you do throughout the day in other systems.

For those who are managing projects, the new release provides more self-service tools in support of an Agile process. Resources on project teams can divide up future project work based on each individual’s detailed schedule and availability for more project work. Project managers are alerted when team members assign themselves parts of the estimated work from outstanding tasks, and Journyx includes tools for coordinating and approving any changes to project plans as a result.

For those in accounting and finance, the introduction of more Microsoft analytics tools gives you the power to glean information from your time data like never before. Monitoring performance and usage is only the beginning. Not only can you extend the platform to monitor and ensure tax and regulatory compliance, but you can also use it to find new ways to drive profitability.

Capturing better data will help you make better business decisions.

The effort to maximize the value of enterprise time intelligence is a journey. It starts with capturing timely, accurate, detailed time data. As your process matures and you improve the underlying time information, you can then use it to make better decisions about the operations of your organization. According to Director of Product, Meredith Zachritz, “Journyx offers customers a full suite of tools for both collecting the highest quality data, and using that data to maximum effect. Not only does Journyx offer automation for faster, better timesheet completion, but the Insight release also includes tools to analyze and use your information in new ways. The rollout process may start with basic monitoring and analytics, but you can continue to extend it to find and suggest new ways to realize no-brainer cost savings and avoid leaving revenue on the table.”

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