Journyx Adds Custom Role Abilities and Report Enhancements to New Version of Software, Journyx 9.0

Large Companies to Benefit Most from Improvements

AUSTIN, TEXAS (August 1, 2013) – Journyx today announces a major upgrade to its Timesheet time tracking software, including improvements to custom role abilities, and reports and notifications. New features added will be of particular interest to large organizations that have a need for granular control of managing resources. The upgrade is available to new and existing customers today, and is offered as both local install and in the cloud.

Journyx software enables you to fully understand costs and profitability of current work while planning for future projects.

The Right Level of Access Through Role Abilities

Version 9.0 of Journyx includes an expansion of the custom role abilities.  It also includes more granular control of some existing abilities.  The role ability work is focused on giving division and business unit managers the power to fully manage a set of employee groups without requiring administrator access.

A few highlights of new features related to custom roles abilities include:

  • User interface improvements to make it easier to see what abilities are available and what abilities are included in existing custom roles
  • Copy settings feature to copy all of the abilities/selections from a default or custom role when creating new roles
  • Abilities to manage the Groups and items in the Groups a manager belongs to

The Right Information for Managing Your People

Version 9.0 includes new reports and notifications that give your managers the information they need to fully oversee the employees they are responsible for.  In addition to the reports on their time, expenses and projects, managers will be able to see meta-data for individual employees such as the last time the employee logged into the Journyx system and login failures.

See a full feature list for Journyx version 9.0

“Version 9.0 is focused on giving your people the right level of access and the right information in order to manage your enterprise time tracking processes more effectively,” said Journyx CEO Curt Finch. “These improvements and new features will make it easier to run your business and increase profitability.”

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