Journyx Announces a New Integration with Zapier

Journyx and ZapierJournyx continues to change the future of work with a partnership with Zapier, allowing users to connect Journyx with Google Calendar for easier time tracking

AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 20, 2018) – Journyx today proudly announces a partnership with Zapier, which enables Journyx users to record time from other software applications in Journyx.

Automating How Employees Track Their Time

According to a survey report Journyx published in May, 2018 entitled “How Smart Timesheets Are Shaping the Future of Work”, 74 percent of survey respondents reported working most of their time within various software applications – such as accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), sales & marketing, customer service and support, and engineering and development.

Zapier allows people to connect web-based apps they use every day and automate tasks and workflows (these connections are called “zaps”). With this in mind, Journyx developed an integration for Journyx to give users the ability to connect their timesheets with other software applications. Data syncs directly from specific fields in the connected application back to the Journyx timesheet.

Journyx has a zap for Google Calendar (currently in beta testing), which will allow users to sync entries in their calendar to their Journyx timesheet. These can be quickly reviewed, edited, and added to the timesheet without much additional work.

“If you enter time in Journyx, you probably know that a lot of what you log in your timesheet is captured in other apps that you use throughout the day,” said Meredith Zachritz, Director of Product Management at Journyx.  “If you use Google Calendar, for example, your appointments contain enough information to suggest what you worked on during those times.”

Empowering Employees with Smarter, Easier Time Tracking

Journyx first launched smart time tracking capabilities to the world in 2017 with Suggestions, which creates suggested timesheet entries based on Outlook Calendar and Tasks. Unlike a simple calendar import, Journyx uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning so the timesheet “learns” how to categorize those entries into projects – making it quicker and easier to fill out a timesheet.

“We know how difficult it is to get employees to track time, and even more so if they don’t understand its importance,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “Journyx has always been about creating solutions to not only increase profitability, but to also help make tracking time as easy as possible for everyone involved, at all levels and roles.”

According to Zachritz, more zaps with Journyx are in the works for the near future.

“Journyx will be offering beta programs for other third party app connections (e.g., Jira, Dynamics 365, Slack) in the future,” she said.  “With enough access to the apps you use, your timesheet will fill itself out!”

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