Journyx to Add Time Tracking Functionality to W Squared

Journyx Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics Allows for Integration with Microsoft’s Enterprise Accounting Software

AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 5, 2013) – Journyx today announces that W Squared is adding Journyx Timesheet to its comprehensive solution to clients, coupled with Microsoft Dynamics GP and ADP. Journyx Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics allows Journyx Timesheet to seamlessly integrate with the Dynamics family of products.

W Squared provides business process outsourcing solutions including finance and accounting, technology, human resources and payroll, healthcare implementation, procurement and laboratory systems. W Squared trusts Microsoft Dynamics GP for accounting and ADP for payroll, but needed a time tracking system that not only integrated with Dynamics GP and ADP, but also allowed W Squared to make customizations for some rather complex business processes. They found the perfect solution with Journyx.

“We needed time tracking data to be used for billing clients, and also wanted this information to show which projects are profitable and which aren’t,” said Moreen Logsdon, Vice President of Enterprise Business Solutions for W Squared. “We knew that customization around complex business processes would be necessary, since the integration with each business system requires unique rules. Journyx was able to make some major customizations to their system to meet our needs.”

Journyx Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics provides the following features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Dynamics GP, SL, AX and NAV
  • Eliminates common accounting problems such as dual entries and formatting errors
  • Customized timesheet actions with flexible approval paths and data validation
  • Bi-directional data transfer options to access and utilize information in the most convenient manner for your business requirements
  • Automated processes to guarantee consistency and accuracy of collected data
  • Well-tested project accounting interface to guarantee that data is always accessible so your projects are on time and under budget

Many of W Squared’s clients are high-profile healthcare clients with nurses and physicians working at offsite locations. These healthcare professionals enter their time into Journyx where the data goes through a multi-level approval process to ensure accuracy of the data which is then used for billing. A final requirement of W Squared’s was that Journyx be rolled out to a large team of 800 employees very quickly with little time for training.

“Journyx worked hard to get our team up and running quickly,” said Logsdon. “The employees were able to learn the system in a short time as it’s very intuitive. It was an easy transition for us.”

W Squared plans to continue rolling out Journyx to more internal groups, as well as offering it as part of their comprehensive solution to clients, coupled with Microsoft Dynamics GP and ADP. The trio of these systems offers a complete and unbeatable solution to W Squared clients.

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W Squared provides business process outsourcing solutions including finance and accounting, technology, human resources and payroll, and healthcare implementation. Integrated as a comprehensive suite of services, W Squared offers an affordable solution for companies that desire a more sophisticated corporate back office support system that will scale alongside the expansion of their operations. W Squared enables its clients to focus on their core competencies while offering the administrative systems, personnel and processes that enhance the client’s potential for future success. A step beyond traditional business process outsourcing, W Squared provides not only process expertise, but also business expertise creating a business process partner relationship with its clients. For more information, visit

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