Journyx ProjectXecute 8.7 Launches; Advanced Resource Allocation System Improves Efficiency in Customers’ Workflow

Software Provides Expanded Communication Platform; Offers Enriched Coordination with Microsoft Project

AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 6, 2010) – Journyx today announces the launch of Journyx ProjectXecute 8.7, the on-demand software solution that unites project planning with resource management, helping companies execute projects successfully every time. Improved resource allocation functionality in ProjectXecute 8.7 allows project managers to directly assign resources to projects or send a requisition to a resource manager, thus removing bottlenecks and increasing overall productivity.

New features within Journyx ProjectXecute 8.7:

Resource Requisition Handling

  • Project managers can improve efficiency by automating the workflow of obtaining resources for their projects.
  • Management can control the amount of access a project manager has in assigning resources versus requesting resources from department managers.

Expanded Communication for Estimate Changes

  • More information is provided on timeline changes for more accurate completion predictions.
  • Open communication between managers and resources is boosted by requiring comments when remaining work estimates are changed.
  • Comment history, content and author data is tracked. Project managers can see reasons for changes and respond with instructions.

Advanced Microsoft Project™ Coordination

  • Integration of Journyx ProjectXecute 8.7 and Journyx Projectlink 8.7 provides a custom role with a single login.
  • A complete technology upgrade to the .NET platform, this update does not require plug-ins for Microsoft Project.

Full Compliance with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Requirements

  • ProjectXecute 8.7 includes a variety of options for requiring documentation of any changes made to saved and/or submitted records.
  • Reporting by user shows when daily time is either complete or late, thereby demonstrating compliance with DCAA’s ‘Daily Time Entry Requirement’.

Journyx Reportlink™ Excel-based Module for Powerful Data Reporting and Analysis

  • Customers can build customized dashboards with an unlimited number of graphical report templates that are sharable within the organization.
  • Dynamic sync allows customers to pull and refresh data in real-time based on their roles and access in the Journyx system.
  • Using a familiar program, there’s little to no additional learning curve to analyze data and produce informative reports.

“Collecting time spent on tasks and projects can give companies tremendous insight into what has been done in the past, and what people are working on today,” said Journyx CEO Curt Finch. “However, once companies achieve this, the natural next step is to plan for what they will be working on in the future. Doing this requires a forward-planning look that simple time collection does not provide. ProjectXecute solves this problem.”

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