Journyx Unveils Vastly Improved Mobile App

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Journyx Mobile 12 mobile time tracking app! Months in the making, Journyx Mobile 12 is a complete overhaul of our previous app and gives users a vastly improved user interface and experience.

The nature of work is increasingly global and mobile, and the modern workforce demands applications that give them the flexibility to work from anywhere – whether they’re in the field, on-site with a client, or simply working remotely. Available for all licensed users of the Journyx system, Journyx Mobile gives your employees the ability to track time on their projects quickly and easily with an intuitive app for any iOS and Android device.

Easy Time and Expense Entry. Select a day, select a project, enter time. It doesn’t get any easier than that.  Favorites are also available to speed up entry for the things you do the most. In addition, employees can create expense entries for their projects and include images of their receipts.

Approval Management from Anywhere. Approving your team’s time shouldn’t have to be done from your desk. Journyx Mobile allows you to view all of your employees’ submitted timesheets and approve them – no matter where you are.

Dashboards While You Dash. Journyx Mobile includes a dashboard so you have a snapshot of your time and your team’s submissions.  Use your mobile dashboard to confirm what you already have done and plan what you still need to do to get your work finished.

Check out Journyx Mobile 12 in action in the demo video below:

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