Kissimmee Utility Authority Chooses Journyx for Time Tracking

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 29, 2012) – Journyx today announces that Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) will use Journyx Timesheet for employee time tracking, which will seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, mid-market business accounting software. Journyx Timesheet will solve two key issues that KUA experienced with Business Portal, the Microsoft Dynamics GP time entry system.

“We needed a solution that solved our issues and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP,” said Susan Singleton, Business System Quality Improvement Manager at KUA. “Business Portal only allows one level of approver and one level of supervisor. We used both levels as approver which exposed the problem of employees being able to change their timesheets when they should no longer have that access. Many departments with multiple levels need to review the timesheet and approve it. This greatly hindered our internal control. Our second issue revolved around accrual calculations and data validation. A user could put in anything and without validation, it might have been approved. The payroll clerk had to spend time making corrections which was a huge inefficiency.”

Journyx is a complete time and expense solution for all organizations. Journyx features solid project accounting capabilities with numerous features, including a simple entry system with safeguards against import errors, a direct interface with Microsoft Dynamics, and a custom, tiered validation system to make sure the right people have access to the right data.

“Journyx provides more levels of approval without affecting the integrity of internal controls,” said Singleton. “With Journyx, a user cannot submit a timesheet, have it approved and then pull it back to make changes after the fact. It provides the internal data control we were seeking.”

Improved processes naturally lead to increased efficiency, time savings and accuracy. “We can make customizations in Journyx and know that the system is going to work smoothly for our specific needs. Journyx allows us to configure everything to meet our needs upfront, which really allows us to save time and gain productivity.”

Journyx will attend the Convergence 2012 Conference in Houston next month to showcase Timesheet’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

“We look forward to connecting with more companies at Convergence that share the same pain points as KUA,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “Journyx makes sure that your accounting and payroll operations meld with your requirements. Our solid Project Accounting interface will ensure that your projects are on time and under budget without fail. Get in touch with us if you plan to be at the Convergence show next month!”

A case study further detailing Journyx’s work with KUA can be found here.

About Kissimmee Utility Authority

Founded in 1901, KUA is Florida’s sixth largest community-owned utility providing electric and telecommunication services to 64,000 customers in Osceola County, Fla.

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Journyx is a complete Timesheet solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Journyx automates payroll, billing and cost accounting while easing management of employee time and expenses, and provides confidence that all resources are utilized correctly and completely. Founded in 1996, Journyx helps customers of every possible size maximize their profitability and productivity. Customers include Crate&Barrel, Schlumberger, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Callaway Golf and Honeywell.

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