LGR Telecommunications Improves Processes, Accuracy of Budgeting with Journyx Timesheet

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 15, 2010) – LGR Telecommunications – an information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider to the global telecommunications industry – has gained instant visibility into their projects and tasks, while improving accuracy in budgeting, by implementing Journyx Timesheet. LGR calls Timesheet “extremely flexible and easy to use without adding significant overhead to the process.”

Journyx Timesheet is a timesheet and expense management solution that enables organizations to automate management of employee time and expenses for project control, customer invoicing, and payroll processing. LGR chose Journyx Timesheet to improve their process of time tracking after experiencing a significant amount of growth. LGR now uses Journyx Timesheet for invoicing, as well as tracking vacation, personal days and overtime hours in addition to employee time tracking.

“Journyx Timesheet gives us instant visibility into hours spent by project, task, user, etc., as well as into vacation, personal and other leave accruals and time used,” said Phil Pierson, engagement manager, LGR Telecommunications. “We can easily measure hours accrued to date on our projects, ensuring that they stay on-track and within budget. Timesheet allows for simple reporting when questions from customers arise. The reports help us to be more accurate in creating annual budgets by reviewing actual hours spent on past projects.”

LGR uses Journyx Timesheet to standardize its tasks, categories and project names across departments, which allows for consolidation of hours and simple project reporting. Journyx Timesheet gives LGR a straightforward management approval process and provides visibility into staff levels based on requested leave.

“Overall, Journyx Timesheet works very well for our company, is extremely flexible and easy to use, and provides us with good visibility into the work being performed without adding significant overhead to the process,” said Pierson.

“The success of our customers is what continues to drive our ingenuity and pursuit of an even better Timesheet,” said Curt Finch, CEO, Journyx. “We are constantly working to improve our flagship product and add new features that will only improve the customer experience. We are grateful for our customers, like LGR, who help us constantly move forward.”

About LGR Telecommunications

Formed in 1998, LGR Telecommunications (LGR) is a specialist ICT solutions provider to the global telecommunications industry. Its core business is the supply and ongoing development of CDRlive, the world’s premier data warehouse, analysis and reporting solution for the Call Data Record (CDR) environment. For more information, go to http://www.lgr.biz.

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