New Journyx Webinars Focus on Government Contracts, DCAA Compliance

Seasoned Experts Break Down Winning a Contract, Maintaining Compliance and Integrating QuickBooks with Time Tracking

AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 2, 2011) – Due to the potential for new business in government contracting combined with the requirement of maintaining compliance in case of an audit, Journyx is focusing its new webinars on achieving success in these areas. Experts in the government contract space present the daily webinars.

“These contracts offer the opportunity to work with the largest spender in the United States, and successful execution of a defense contract can result in a lucrative relationship with the U.S. government,” said Journyx CEO Curt Finch. “It can be daunting, for sure, but it can also be highly profitable and worth it to your business.”

Webinar titles include:

  • How to Modify QuickBooks for DCAA Compliance
    • Many companies mistakenly believe that they cannot use QuickBooks and maintain compliance. Learn the fundamentals of Federal Contract Cost Accounting as it applies to QuickBooks.
  • You’ve Got the Contract – Now What?  Successful Kickoff Meetings
    • Learn how to structure a kickoff meeting, the politics of conducting the meeting, and what you need to ask for before everyone leaves the room.
  • Compensation Compliance for Federal Contractors:  The Rules have Changed!
    • The DCAA is expanding audits for unallowable expenses. You must understand what your data says before you submit it or face the consequences.
  • Is Government Contracting Right for Your Business?
    • In 2010, the government spent $500 billion on private contracts and about 23% of that was awarded to small businesses. Get familiar with the process in this webinar.
  • How to Win and Successfully Execute on Defense Contracts
    • This webinar covers what you can do every day to win, strengthen and smooth your defense work while delivering stellar results.
  • 5 Steps to DCAA Compliance with Time Management
    • This webinar teaches you how to streamline processes, abide by DCAA time guidelines, and pursue and expand upon the most profitable areas of your business.To gain access to registration information, a webinar event calendar and to learn more about the presenters, go to

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