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Time Tracking + Resource Management Software

Journyx PX is a robust enterprise resource management, allocation, and scheduling software solution that will supercharge your project cost accounting by estimating and tracking at the resource level. Get the project resource visibility and financial forecasting you need to make better business decisions.

Your organization needs effective project resource management tools in order to have complete visibility into who is working on what project, whether your projects are on schedule, and project profitability.

What if you could allocate and schedule your resources where you needed them most – plus see your associated project costs and forecast financials – all in one place?

With Journyx PX Resource Management Software, you can…

Manage Your Resource Allocation and Usage

  • Use our enterprise resource management software to visually track resource usage across projects and non-project activities.
  • Gain clearer insight into resource allocation so you know where and when your people will be used for every project, every time.
  • Get a quick overview of your peoples’ scheduled work through a Gantt chart interface.
  • Plan around vacation schedules and personnel availability using project resource tracking.
  • Search for and assign available resources, forecast and assess the financial impact of your project resource allocations, and create requisitions for additional resources.

Manage Your Personnel Efficiently

  • Manage your workforce for complex, deadline-oriented projects, as well as smaller projects, on-demand service requests, administrative work, and leave time – all in one system.
  • Confidently assign the right personnel to the right work by tracking productivity and performance.
  • Minimize potential burnout with improved resource planning, to make sure your people are not underutilized or overused.
  • Boost the value of your contractors and employees by choosing the best skills for mission critical jobs.

Manage Your Project Schedules

  • Construct project plans with a listing of tasks, their start and end times, cost and work estimates, and assignments.
  • Prevent project and budget disasters by reviewing schedules in real time.
  • Make better business decisions on project status based on real-time data.
  • Track project time and expenses across devices with mobile entry for iOS and Android.
  • View requests for additional time from team members.

Manage Your Project Costs

  • Get the project time and resource data you need to accurately define your project scope and estimate costs at a glance.
  • Monitor your project resources and budgets and gain greater control over your costs.
  • Make better, quicker decisions about which projects will be more likely to succeed or fail – and make crucial adjustments where necessary.
  • Manage current and past timesheets, expenses, and custom entries, plus upload receipt images from your mobile device.

Make Reporting Easier and More Efficient

  • Make confident business decisions on project status based on real-time data.
  • View project, time, and expense reports, actuals vs. estimates, hours by activity, total cost, and more.
  • Integrate Journyx PX data with your ERP system and/or Microsoft Project for more accurate and efficient project accounting.
  • Export data into Microsoft Excel for even more custom reporting.
  • Gain greater insight into the status of projects with detailed reports, with the flexibility to show metrics that are most relevant in your business.

Resource Management Tools to Help Your Team Do Their Best Work

With effective project resource management software, you know exactly who is working on what project and whether or not your projects are progressing on schedule. You get real-time control over your projects without having to wait on answers.

Journyx PX provides work and financial forecasting and comprehensive project resource allocation and planning for a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time, and availability. Plus, you get insight into profitability for each project. That means you can accurately plan your time, budget, and margins – and see all your associated project costs and forecast project financials – in one convenient location. Find out how Journyx resource management software helps you keep your projects on the right track.

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Journyx PX adds to the core functionality of Journyx JX with the ability to forecast costs, revenues, and resource availability – giving you a robust enterprise resource management software solution that will supercharge your project cost accounting by estimating and tracking at the resource level.

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Better Project Management and Accounting

Track project time and costs once in Journyx PX and sync data to Microsoft Project and/or your ERP system to keep project budgets up-to-date.

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Customer Testimonials

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We can understand so much more with the use of Journyx PX and our ability to easily extract, manipulate, and analyze data. I rely on Journyx for KPIs and reports because I trust the data it gives us.

...we have seen a 20% change based on process improvements. This has translated to the ability to lower costs which are passed on to our clients.

Lora HeftonCOO and Vice President of Operations, Just Associates
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We needed a better tool for payroll, human resources and time reporting, which led us to evaluate Journyx...It’s been my goal to give my staff a tool that provides increased visibility into what our resources are working on.

Finding a time and project tracking solution which also enables continual improvement of our project and resource management functions would be a win all-around. This potential is what we found with Journyx.

Joe QuaratellaChief Technical Officer, triVIN/General Systems Solutions