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  • Journyx PX: Supercharged Resource Management Software

Journyx PX Resource Management Software

What do you get when you add the core functionality of Journyx with the ability to forecast costs, revenues, and resource availability? You get Journyx PX, a robust enterprise resource management software solution that will supercharge your project cost accounting by estimating and tracking at the resource level.

Without effective resource management and scheduling processes, your organization won’t have visibility into who is working on what project, whether or not your projects are on schedule, and project profitability. With Journyx PX resource management software, you can:

  • Manage complex, deadline-oriented projects, as well as smaller projects, on-demand service requests, administrative work, and leave time – all in one system.
  • Search for and assign available resources, assess the financial impact of your resource allocations, and create requisitions for additional resources.
  • Gain greater insight into the status of projects with detailed reports, including scheduling, allocations, and more.
  • Track project time and expenses and view requests for additional time from team members.
  • Maximize Resource Management and Scheduling with Journyx
  • Easily integrate with Microsoft® Project through Journyx Projectlink and Seamlessly sync your Journyx data to Excel® spreadsheets with Journyx Reportlink

Which Product is Right For You?

Journyx comes in two flavors/levels built to suit your company’s size and needs: Journyx (our basic product) and Journyx PX.

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