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  • Accrual Calculator for Journyx

Accrual Calculator for Journyx

Accruals – vacation, PTO, sick time, jury duty, and the like – are critical but difficult to manage aspects of employee time. The Journyx Accrual Calculator simplifies the process of dealing with these issues by providing a simple interface for the creation of specific accrual processes that can then be applied as needed to your existing users.

  • Assign accruals. The Accrual Calculator allows you to create distinct Accrual Tiers for any number of accrual types for discrete employee categories (e.g., Full Time, Part Time).
  • Override accruals. Some employees become eligible for accruals faster while others are allowed to carry over more hours of a specific type of accrual than others. The Accrual Calculator allows you to configure Accrual Overrides for specific individuals on a case-by-case basis.
  • Suspend accruals. The Accrual Calculator includes the ability to suspend – and reinstate – accrual accumulation for specific individuals as needed by simply checking a box.

To learn more about the Accrual Calculator, download the infosheet below.

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