Integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP Time Tracking Solution

The power to track time, expenses, and equipment easily and effectively—all in one place.

A More Advanced Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

Stop chasing employee timesheets, making corrections, and manually entering data into Dynamics GP. Journyx helps you collect employee time data for project accounting, billing, and payroll – quickly, easily, and accurately.

  • One Simple Interface
  • Set Your Own Rules
  • One-Stop Management
  • Built for Projects
  • On-the-Go Time Tracking
  • Sophisticated Reports
One Simple Interface

Track time one time, in one place.

Now employees can enter all their time (including project hours, overhead/non-project time, and time off) and expenses in one simple user interface. It all syncs back to Dynamics GP and GP Project Accounting, as well as Microsoft Project and your other existing business systems, for processing.

Set Your Own Rules

Automatically validate timesheets and approve them your way.

Set up your own rules to automatically validate employee time and expense data, so you don’t have to make corrections. Plus, create your own workflow processes for easy time, expense, and time-off approvals that work for your company’s needs.

One-Stop Management

Manage leave requests and PTO accruals.

Journyx is built to track employee time—including leave time. Now you have the tools to manage leave requests and calculate accruals, all in one place.

Built for Projects

Power your project time and expense tracking.

Journyx is built for projects! Track detailed project time and expenses across the entire project hierarchy, record daily in/out work times, automatically assign future project work, and even track crew time. Plus, you can sync it all back to Microsoft Project, Dynamics GP, and GP Project Accounting.

On-the-Go Time Tracking

Track time on the go, on any device.

The Journyx mobile app gives your employees the power and flexibility to fill out their timesheets from anywhere, using any iOS or Android device. Supervisors can also use the mobile app to approve time, expenses, and equipment usage.

Sophisticated Reports

Slice and dice the data for the reporting you need.

Generate sophisticated reports based on time, project costing, resource, and process compliance data. Link your reports to business intelligence software such as Excel, Power BI, and Tableau so you can do even more with your data and create eye-catching visuals.

Time/Expense Tracking Feature Microsoft Dynamics GP Journyx
Enter and manage ALL types of time entry on one screen Project time and time off are managed on separate screens
Non-project time and expense entry X
Daily in/out work times X
Crew-based time entry X
Time off entry Must use GP Payroll to use Employee Self-Service
Leave management and approval X
Flexible accrual rules/calculation Limited accrual options
Supports Canadian payroll X
Supports third-party payroll systems Must use GP Payroll to use Employee Self-Service
Receipt image attachment for project expenses and time entry X
Equipment tracking X
Mobile app time and expense tracking for ALL employee types Limited to salaried employees only
Resource management X
Microsoft Exchange integration X
Easily sync project time between Microsoft Project and GP X

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