Control Absenteeism & Tardiness with Automatic Time & Attendance

Ensure Employee Accountability

Managing your workforce is a multi-faceted, time-consuming task that becomes much more manageable once automation is introduced to the process. Tardiness tracking and absenteeism reporting are both far easier with a feature-complete automated time and attendance system.

Dashboards and Reports

Journyx’s software has convenient dashboards that can show which employees are clocked in and out in real-time, as well as record unexpected absences and late punches automatically.

By tracking absenteeism and tardiness daily with employee time and attendance software, you are easily able to address attendance issues. The system can be set to notify you whenever an employee is late or absent. You can also run reports on employees that have recurring absenteeism or tardiness problems by any date range you choose.

Journyx time and attendance allows you to manage your workforce, as well as prevent absenteeism and tardiness issues. Journyx gives you the power to run detailed reports by employee, work group, or department, and view incidents by absence type to reveal recurring bad behavior. Through these reports, you can determine how many employee hours were lost, and what your labor cost has been.

With Journyx you can view absenteeism and tardiness data for the entire company at once, which helps to identify unwanted behavior and gives you the information necessary to take corrective action.

Policy Enforcement Automation

Automation can eliminate tedious tracking and management. Taking full advantage of automatic attendance tracking, you can set up notifications to managers, warnings to late employees, and even automate demerit systems.

For example, you can customize rules based on your business needs to generate a demerit if an employee is late more than three times in a rolling 90-day period. You can then automate further by having a warning email generated if an employee exceeds a certain number of demerits. For repeat offenses, you can even generate a termination notice once a demerit maximum has been breached, ensuring that your business adheres to its policy standards.

Alternatively, you may want to offer incentives for good attendance and punctuality. If an employee isn’t late or absent for a given time period, you can automate a reward process. For example, if an employee isn’t late all year you can reward them with a gift certificate for their consistent work ethic.

Using software that supports accurate data collection and automation makes managing your workforce less time-intensive and more cost-effective by eliminating errors, enforcing policy, and curbing tardiness and absenteeism in your workforce.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling

Journyx provides powerful time tracking solutions that help organizations easily and accurately track employee time for projects, billing, and payroll.

We help companies streamline timesheet collection and processing, improve cost accounting, optimize labor resources, and get a clearer picture of where time and money are being spent.

With our Acumen time and attendance product line, Journyx also offers state-of-the-art physical time clocks and cloud-based employee scheduling software that allows your team to manage time and attendance from anywhere.

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