Journyx + Acumen = Total Time Accounting

You know how having just the right tool for the job – in your garage, in your kitchen, or in your car – can make all the difference when you have a need that the tool is designed for? It can make a job that might take hours take minutes instead, keep you from getting frustrated, and help you create/fix something far better than it otherwise would have if you’d used a lesser tool.

Well, we know that feeling. And we’ve done something about it. Something big.

Journyx has acquired first-class time & attendance company Acumen Data Systems, specializing in capturing and managing employee time for payroll needs.

Journyx’s solutions are designed to help organizations account for their workforce’s time — in projects, in activities, versus grants, in collaborations, for specific customers, on specific worksites, and so on. We often get requests from organizations who need a payroll-focused solution for their employees to track time and attendance using time clocks and mobile devices specifically for in/out time and work schedule enforcement. While we can help with that, it’s not the business problem that our solution is primarily tuned for.

Until now.

With Journyx’s acquisition of Acumen, we can now offer an advanced solution that is perfectly designed to meet company’s payroll needs. Combined with our project & activity time accounting solution set, we call it Total Time Accounting.


Journyx + Acumen = Total Time Accounting

Now you can solve complex payroll needs and project cost accounting all in one place. With the addition of Acumen, our time & attendance solutions now include:

  • Employee time and attendance integrated with payroll
  • Rules engine enforcing federal, state, local, union, and company rules
  • State-of-the-art time clocks: biometric, badge, mobile, geofencing, and more

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