Virtual Timeclock Software Solutions

Web-based timeclock software provides the most universal solution for employee time tracking. With powerful and versatile online timeclock applications, many functions that would have required expensive timeclock hardware years ago can now be handled solely by software.

Is Timeclock Hardware the Right Investment for Your Business?

Practically speaking, not every business needs the advanced features provided by timeclock hardware. It can be a significant and unnecessary expense in some cases. Your company’s unique needs and expectations can inform you whether purchasing timeclock hardware is an investment that will pay for itself over time, or a misuse of time and money.

Businesses with a primarily mobile workforce, or with staff that works from home, will find limited benefit in dedicated on-premise time clocks. These businesses would benefit far more from investing in virtual timeclock software.

The Virtual Solution: Flexible and Reliable Timeclock Software

Online timeclocks offer flexibility and reliability for today’s remote workforce. With a virtual timekeeping application, your employees can use their desktop or mobile devices to clock in and out, manage break time, and much more.

The best employee time tracking software doesn’t require expensive hardware.

Unmatched Flexibility

Online timekeeping applications offer versatility and flexibility that cannot be matched by rigid timeclock hardware.

For example, using Journyx-Acumen’s flexible timeclock software suite, a company could have their front-line employees clock in from a point-of-sale tablet using our time tracking mobile app. Meanwhile, the same business might have administrative and support staff clock in using the browser-based web clock on their desktop and laptop computers—whether on-site or working from home.

These options would never be possible for a business that relied solely on traditional timeclock hardware.

Improved Reliability

Along with significantly better flexibility, the best timeclock software is also just as reliable as the sturdiest, dedicated clocking devices.

Journyx’s online time tracking systems have enterprise-grade uptime and consistent connectivity. Plus, the web clock and mobile application each allow for time tracking in offline mode in the case of a local connection loss.

If your business only uses a single standalone timeclock, you might be making your time tracking less reliable.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling

Journyx provides powerful time tracking solutions that help organizations easily and accurately track employee time for projects, billing, and payroll.

We help companies across all industries streamline timesheet collection and processing, improve cost accounting, optimize labor resources, and get a clearer picture of where time and money are being spent.

With our new Acumen time and attendance product line, Journyx also offers state-of-the-art physical time clocks and cloud-based employee scheduling software that allow your team to manage time and attendance from anywhere.

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important.

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