What Is Cloud Resource Management Software?

Resource management software allows you to manage your human capital in order to unlock the full potential of your resources and avoid the pitfalls of underutilization, burnout, and high turnover — a few of HR’s worst nightmares.  

This category of software allows you to allocate, optimize, and schedule your resources where and when you need them most, as well as to forecast and monitor your project costs, all in one place. 

How Does Cloud-Based Resource Management Software Work? 

Resource management software allows you to assign the right work to the right people, which in turn allows you to plan and manage your projects even more effectively. Because resource management software can identify potential road bumps as they happen, decision-makers can quickly — and effectively — adapt to ensure that projects stay on-track and on-budget. 

How Can Cloud-Based Resource Management Software Help Businesses Improve Productivity? 

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  1. Manage Your Resource Allocation and Usage: When you can assign and visually track your resource usage, you will know where your people are being used for every project. Should you need to adjust, you can easily see the big-picture impact. 
  2. Manage Your Personnel Efficiently: Knowing who to put on what project is crucial to your business’s success, whether you’re looking to assign work based on skill or availability. Gaining a competitive advantage with the benefits of a flexible workforce is easier to do when you have software that gives you visibility and adaptability. 
  3. Manage Your Project Schedules: Projects don’t always go smoothly, and while there are almost always uncontrollable factors in the process, poor resource planning and optimization can help reduce the uncontrollables. Being able to see overlap and potential conflicts is crucial to be able to plan and pivot for those things you can control. 
  4. Manage Your Project Costs: Project delays cost money, and rushing projects to completion can be just as expensive. Being able to forecast for the short-term and long-term, especially on the heels of being faced with unprecedented circumstances such as an economic downturn, is going to be key to maintaining a solid financial model.
  5. Make Reporting Easier and More Efficient: Unless you’re in the business of archaeology, asking your key team members to go digging for information in order to do their jobs is likely to lead to frustration and resentment. You probably don’t want to waste the time, either. Implementing resource management software with real-time, robust data might not result in a dinosaur being named after you, but it will make your actual business run more smoothly. 

What Should Good Cloud Resource Management Software Be Able to Do?  

  • Adjust to Your Needs: Your resource planning system should not be determined by what your software allows you to do. Good cloud resource management software needs to be scalable to your needs, such as offering custom fields to filter your resources as you need when you need.
  • Give You Big-Picture Data: Collecting better data is one part of your workforce management system, but you also need to have one place where you can get a complete picture of every project and budget status as well as employee time and availability. 
  • Outsmart Your Own Biases: You know decision-making isn’t all intuition, even when your intuition is spot-on. For some decision-makers, outsmarting their biases might mean acknowledging their sometimes-overwhelming sense of optimism and having hard data to support their perspective. Adaptability means constantly reflecting on what you think you know, and resource management software provides the data to do so.
  • Support a Positive ROI: This one should be obvious, right? Calculating your profit from an investment is the easy part, but implementing cloud resource management software that is poised to provide you with a positive return on investment is a more calculated decision. Not only does the software you choose need to work the way it’s supposed to, but you need to be certain that your investment is driving better resource utilization for your most important projects. 

Why Choose a Cloud-based Solution? 

  1. Improve Collaboration and Transparency: Easier data sharing means that everyone’s expertise is leveraged to create strong systems and increased profitability. 
  2. Reduce Time Spent Gathering Analytics: Wait — why reduce the amount of time gathering business analytics when the point is to have more data? The answer is simple: so you have more time to use the data and respond to it!   
  3. Bulked-Up Data Security: As systems have shifted more toward cloud-based models, everyone knows someone who knows someone with a story about ransomware, hacks, breaches or another devastating data loss scenario. Qualified cloud-based software providers should have a well-established data security policy.  
  4. Unified Content Across Devices: When your business information is stored on a device, you limit your ability to empower yourself — and your team — to be more mobile, flexible, and remote. Considering how much your employees will value flexibility, investing in a cloud resource management system can do wonders for your team.  
  5. Customized to Your Business Needs: No two businesses are exactly alike, and your software shouldn’t have to be straight out of the box either.  

Why Use Journyx Resource Management Software? 

  • For collaboration and transparency, Journyx delivers enterprise-grade solutions for data sharing to improve your organization’s collaborative capabilities. 
  • For gathering analytics, Journyx collects and visualizes workforce data in real-time, so you can see at-a-glance where your most important project resources are allocated and what their workload looks like. 
  • For data security, Journyx enforces strict policies to ensure that your vital and private data is protected from threats. However, not only does Journyx take your data security seriously, but concerned businesses can also implement additional encryption measures. 
  • For unifying content across devices, Journyx seamlessly connects users on platforms of all kinds. With our powerful mobile app equipped with real-time syncing capabilities, your employees can access business information from anywhere anytime, whether they work in the office, from home, or work a hybrid schedule. 
  • For unifying data across systems, Journyx provides strong integrations with top ERP solutions in the market along with connections to top business intelligence solutions like Excel and PowerBI to unify your data and provide easy access to reporting and analysis tools to optimize your business operations.  
  • For unique business needs, Journyx offers multiple solutions to suit the unique needs of your company. Both Journyx JX and Journyx PX provide the tools you need to track and manage employee time, but Journyx PX for project resource management adds the financial forecasting tools you need. You can see a great example of how customization and integration can make Journyx software even more effective for your organization from our case study with Just Associates.

To see our software in action, check out a recording of a recent webinar we hosted. It’s less than 30 minutes long but covers how Journyx PX can be used for advanced resource capacity planning, quickly comparing actual work/costs to your budget, and accurately forecasting future project costs and resource allocation.  

Or to get a bird’s eye view of Journyx PX, grab a copy of our datasheet and schedule a free personalized demo today. 

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