Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Time Tracking Apps

When it comes to time tracking, there’s no shortage of ideas, methods and applications to make it an effective addition to your business processes. Many of these applications are created with a sense of individuality in mind, with different people preferring different methods. Still, other apps are born out of the unique requirements of specific industries. Add in the varied pace and workloads of freelancers and one thing quickly becomes apparent: there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

In this post we’re going to look at popular time tracking applications, analyze what they have to offer and see why we feel they deserve to be labeled the Best In Category Time Tracking Apps.

For Freelancers

When it comes to the freelancer market, few apps have made as much of a splash as Timely. This is an app that rethinks time tracking in an effort to make it as appealing of a process as possible. Their approach is outlined by their founder, Mathias Mikkelsen:

“Every time tracking app out there uses the same concept: you log hours backwards in time. We want to flip that around. Instead of asking ‘what did you do this week?’, we’re asking ‘what are you planning on doing this week?’ As a result, you’ll spend seconds logging hours. All you have to do is to move your existing schedule to Timely, and you’ll be logging hours simultaneously.”

What sets Timely apart from the competition? The fact that the company isn’t just trying to ease the pain for those that dislike filling out timesheets, but trying to destroy those pains altogether is a key differentiator. With an easy, drag-and-drop interface, the application is ideal for freelancers but may not fit in well with a corporate environment.

It’s offered free for personal use, and is also a great option for someone looking to keep track of their personal time and better organize their life. For freelancers, it’s available for $14 a month for unlimited use for a single user.

For Teams

Toggl is an app that “is built for teams.” The company claims that “your entire staff will be set up and running in minutes. It’s as easy as Twitter – no training required.”

Toggl has a number of features that make it a winner, especially for smaller, team-driven companies:

  • Unlimited number of projects and clients—all free
  • Ability to divide into teams and groups
  • Offline time tracking
  • Sharable reports via custom link, Excel, CSV or PDF
  • Multi-platform support

For Enterprise

We would, of course, be remiss if we didn’t highlight our own software, Journyx, that we have been developing and supporting since 1996. As the first enterprise, web-based timesheet system, we have unparalleled experience in the field. As a result, our software is the time tracking solution of choice for all areas of a company: CFOs, payroll administrators, project managers, supervisors and more.

Journyx offers automated billing and payroll, as well as project accounting and management. When it comes to time tracking, few things are as important as reporting—knowing exactly where and how you and your employees are spending your time. As a result, reporting is front and center in Journyx, and a primary reason why so many companies trust our software. Not only that, but because our software is web-based, it works across all platforms.

Journyx integrates with most other business systems, allowing you to tap the data from other solutions and feed that data into Journyx. A few of our most popular integrations include Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, ADP, SAP, Oracle, Paychex and many more. Contact us today for a free demo of Journyx.

Whatever your needs, whatever your preferences, there’s a time tracking app that will meet them. Thanks to innovative features, multi-platform support and deep understanding of the time tracking industry, these three are our picks for Best In Category Time Tracking Apps.

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