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CAM Communications Improves Timesheet Accuracy with Journyx

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What Journyx did for us:

“With Journyx, our employees are paid correctly and on time. We’re much better able to keep track of getting timesheets in on time, and there are significantly less errors.”

Mark Fialkow, Director of Business Operations

Their Story

CAM Communications is an Engineering, Furnish and Installation (EF&I) services business unit specializing in engineering and installation work for major telecoms companies. CAM Communications was acquired by MasTec in 2011 and joined with other entities to become MasTec Network Solutions.The nature of the work CAM Communications’ employees did required that they worked from their clients’ locations. This meant that there were many employees working remotely who were tracking their time in manual timesheets. Employees were emailing or faxing in their timesheets – many of which were handwritten, illegible, and prone to error.

Their work is also project-oriented, and they can have as many as 500 projects active at any given time; however, employees would frequently track time against projects that were incorrect or didn’t exist. This necessitated a system that could allow them to charge employee time to the correct project for the correct customer.

“The whole process of collecting time for the payroll process was incredibly difficult,” said Mark Fialkow, Director of Business Operations at CAM Communications (now MasTec Network Solutions). “We were charging incorrect projects, it was the end of the week and there was a big scurry to get the information into the system. So as we went into our accounting system, [their time for the week] would be invalid, and we would have to go find this person, wherever they happened to be.”


It was apparent that a new way of tracking employee time against projects was needed to solve the problems of:

  • Difficult-to-read and error-prone timesheets
  • Incorrect time entry against projects
  • Manual entry of timesheet data into their accounting system

Fialkow and his team shopped around to find a solution that would allow employees to track their time in one place from wherever they were working, accurately bill it against the projects they were working on, and submit their timesheets on time for a quicker payroll process – and Journyx fit the bill.

“What I liked about Journyx was the input screens for our technicians was very easy,” said Fialkow. “They could easily find the projects, there was limited information they needed to put in…and Journyx made it available to us. It was simple for our techs to put their time in.”

Journyx’s web-based time tracking system also made it easy for their technicians to input time from anywhere, and in one place. Additionally, Journyx made the process of approving timesheets easy. “The timesheets would pop up, the managers could easily see what was going on…the functionality was easy to use,” said Fialkow.

When it came to keeping track of projects, Journyx was the ideal solution for managers and supervisors to report on how their projects were being charged. They could download reports, import them into Excel™ and create pivot tables, or put the data into other formats that could be used in other systems.


CAM Communications has been using Journyx for 7 years, and as a result their payroll process is much smoother. “With Journyx, our employees are paid correctly and on time,” said Fialkow. “We’re much better able to keep track of getting timesheets in on time, and there are significantly less errors.”

Because of their success with Journyx and their acquisition by MasTec, they have grown from 160 users to over 500. “Once other groups came over and we gave them Journyx, they were thrilled to death,” said Fialkow. “They had the same problems we had, and all those problems went away [using Journyx]. I was pleased with how easy it was to bring additional groups into the system.”

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