Cognia™ Improves Time Tracking & Reporting with Journyx Software

The Customer

Cognia™ is the largest education improvement organization in the world. It is a global network of educators that helps strengthen schools and provides educational tools and resources to inform and support school improvement plans.

The Challenge

Cognia was using a time tracking software that got the job done at a basic level, but it was very expensive and would have cost even more to try to integrate with their ERP system—Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The software was also set up with a rigid project accounting schema that was not easy to simplify or change to fit their needs.

Cognia was looking for seamless integration with their ERP, using the default NAV functionality and without having to absorb the significantly higher cost required to add more users with the previous software. Cognia also wanted their time tracking tool to be available for temporary staff as well as full time employees.

Journyx Solution

By switching to Journyx, Cognia got the seamless integration they needed with their existing ERP system for a much lower cost. The built-in integration between Journyx and Microsoft Dynamics NAV was pertinent to save Cognia time and money wasted on creating time record entries manually.

The American Payroll Association estimates that manual timesheet entry and processing mistakes can account for 1% to 7% of total payroll costs. That’s why so many companies trust Journyx to help reduce timesheet corrections with its data validation tools and considerably increase payroll efficiency.

Why Choose Journyx?
  • Superb customer service
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Robust reporting to inform better business decisions

According to Cognia Director of Business Systems Jeff Rosenberger, it was especially important that they could track employee time and resources for multiple projects with multiple task codes using Journyx. Rosenberger noted that Journyx provided much more robust reporting at their fingertips and gave them the option to add or remove objects from reports to get the data they need, when they need it. The ability to report and transfer all the data from Journyx to NAV was functionality that they desperately needed.

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