Sercel and Journyx Project Time Tracking: “It Just Works”

About Sercel

From natural resources to earth and infrastructure monitoring, energy transition, and defense, Sercel is a pioneer in measuring and understanding the Earth’s subsurface to provide the highest standard in solutions to its customers. 

Industry: Solutions for the oil and energy industries

Product: Journyx Project Time Tracking


One of Sercel’s acquired companies, Sercel Concept, has been a Journyx customer since 2012. That company has gone through a few acquisitions, so has made some internal adjustments to adapt to new operational strategies over the past few years: first, moving from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based infrastructure, then renaming all internal instances. While these changes sound simple on the surface, the behind-the-scenes work can be daunting for a small IT organization. 


With those challenges in mind, Lloyd Langley, a Web Applications Engineer at Sercel, has worked extensively with Journyx sales, support, and IT departments over the past few years.

“The support I receive from Journyx staff is incredible,” Lloyd states. “While most people hate doing timesheets, at least Journyx makes it easy, and the information provided helps us to know how much effort is spent on individual projects and customers.” 


Sercel Concept’s original on-premise Journyx time tracking instance has been successfully moved to the cloud, so updates, upgrades, and security patches can now be done by Journyx staff without any resource-intensive action by Sercel Concept’s IT team to keep everything up to snuff. 

In addition, all of Sercel Concept’s (and previous reincarnation’s historical time data) has been moved over to a newly renamed instance that’s consistent with the new company branding. 

“Whew!” stated Lloyd. “With Journyx staff’s help, these changes were much easier than I expected.”   


Lloyd stated, “I have the utmost confidence in the Journyx product—it just works.” He continues, “Whenever I have an issue that I can’t resolve on my own, all I have to do is submit a ticket, and I have full confidence that Journyx staff will be able to help.” 


Sercel Concept’s partnership with Journyx has been instrumental in streamlining their time tracking processes and reporting. The support received from Journyx staff has been exceptional, making the transition to the cloud and renaming instances a smooth experience. With Journyx’s reliable and user-friendly solution, Sercel Concept can focus on their core business of providing high-tech solutions for subsurface exploration, knowing that their time tracking needs are well taken care of. 

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