Solutions by Industry

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Ideal solution for tracking time and expenses on all types of R&D activities


Decrease lost hours, make billing more efficient, and increase profits


Customized time tracking with a flexible billing structure, equipped to handle a changing remote workforce

Oil & Gas

Understand your costs better at the source – on a per-well basis


Compliant time tracking for physician contract assignments


Make smarter, faster decisions with project-based time tracking, aggregate resource planning, and data forecasting


Track and report on employee time, equipment usage, and project costs

Engineering & Software

Complete visibility into all projects and business metrics with centralized time and expense tracking

Accounting, Finance, Payroll

Get clarity on the profitable areas of your company, simplify data collection and processing, and ensure more accurate for client billing.


Save time so you can focus on what matters most – the mission of your organization


Automate the capture of employee and student work time to streamline payroll, leave requests, and time off accrual management.