Time Tracking for Consulting and Professional Services

Simple, Flexible Time Tracking for Project- or Client-Oriented Services

No matter what kind of consulting services you offer—management, finance, IT, engineering, marketing, or something else—the velocity of your business is directly related to how efficiently you use your most important resource: your consultants. Key considerations include optimizing the deployment of your consultants’ time on assignments/projects, understanding and adjusting the amount of time they spend on different assignments/projects and other activities, and the prompt and precise billing of services rendered.

Did you know that you could be losing up to 30% of billable time by not tracking time for your consultants?

time tracking software for consultants

With Journyx’s professional grade time tracking, purpose-built for project-oriented organizations, you will:

Optimize your resource deployment

with resource and capacity planning to map consultant and/or team availability against the pipeline of consulting projects. Instantly see under- or over-utilization in advance, to rebalance resource allocations and optimize billable utilization.

Improve profitability

by understanding consultants’ time: time spent, average billing rate, and billable utilization rates based on any project, phase, resource, or team basis. Automate cost accounting, measure work profitability, bill clients, and pay consultants.

Maximize billings and minimize time to money

with prompt, detailed, and accurate billing to your customers. Integrate with your accounting, payroll, and other business systems so your data is always synced for quicker and easier processing.

Minimize operational disruption

by keeping track of all of this in your existing ERP/Accounting solution (and/or project management tools) – accurately and without double-entry. Plus, make it easier for employees to track their time at client sites or on-the-go with the mobile app.

Key features for consulting and professional services firms include:

Mobile app for Android and iOS devices allows on-the-go time tracking, approvals, and real-time summary dashboards

Smooth bi-directional integration with your ERP, project management tools, HRM, and most other core business systems.

Individual and team resource planning and allocation, utilization and budget forecasting, estimates vs. actual reporting, billable utilization, and more

Connections with calendars, phone records, productivity tools serve as inputs for auto-populated timesheets, tuned by learning algorithms to be more accurate each time, minimizing the burden of tracking time and increasing data precision

Featured Case Studies

Caspian One
Caspian One
Caspian One evaluated many different options before finally landing on Journyx time tracking software. The key feature of Journyx was its Business Central integration.
Just Associates
Just Associates
"We can understand so much more with the use of Journyx and our ability to easily extract, manipulate, and analyze data. I rely on Journyx for KPIs and reports because I trust the data it gives us."