Project Time Tracking for Engineering Firms & Software Developers

Stay on budget, increase productivity, and reduce administrative costs with Journyx.

Journyx helps streamline timesheet collection and processing for engineering teams. You can manage employee time with complete visibility into all projects and business metrics, and centralize all time and expense tracking across your engineering firm to capture valuable insights for better, more informed decisions.

Journyx software is purpose-built for time tracking, so to maximize its value to you, we have created smooth two-way integrations with Jira and other commonly used enterprise software systems, including ERPs (accounting software), project management tools, and HRM systems. Our customers benefit from improved billable utilization, more accurate and timely invoicing, and increased profitability.

Plus, Journyx helps your team create and report critical Engineering KPIs (key performance indicators) to upper management.


Journyx's richly-featured time and expense tracking solution delivers actionable insights with visibility into project status and costs, real-time dashboards, detailed analytics, and other useful tools.


Project-Based Time Entry

Easy to use time tracking system for more efficiency, accuracy, and transparency. Create multi-level client projects, define project milestones, and set up relevant information in seconds.

Web and Mobile Access

Manage employee time and expenses on all projects from anywhere – in one place. Leverage our advanced mobile app to enable your field teams to submit time and expense entries.

Custom Dashboards

Capture key data insights on the metrics relevant to your organization and develop actionable business strategies. Define your business metrics and manage your engineering firm’s performance.

Automated Workflows

Automate online approvals and system alerts, customized to meet your needs, Leverage advanced business validations to reduce errors on the timesheets. Ensure timely submission from consultants and supervisors using real-time alerts.

Financial Planning

Powerful tools for project cost accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation. Manage performance and accountability with access to historical trends and real-time billable target progress.

Robust Reporting

Built-in reporting capabilities with data visualization of key performance indicators. Get real-time visibility into clients, projects, resources, and billing using our out-of-the-box reports. Configure the reports to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Helpful Resources

Engineering KPIs

These key performance indicatures (KPIs) for engineering can help you stay lean during challenging economic times. Being able to precisely forecast project time can help engineers and management come to a common understanding of what is realistic and achievable. You can start by tracking labor time and other metrics to set quantifiable goals and measure your team’s ability to meet them.

Reclaim R&D Tax Credits

Companies all over the world – across all industries – may be eligible to save money and offset costs with the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can advantage of this significant tax saving opportunity, which can make a significant difference to your bottom line. Potential benefits from these savings include improved cash flow, lower payroll costs, and increased competitiveness.

Featured Case Studies

RFA Engineering Reduces Payroll Time Using Journyx
RFA Engineering Reduces Payroll Time Using Journyx
We were able to eliminate manual PTO cards and most of our payroll entry time using Journyx. Additionally, our employees appreciate the ability to access Journyx virtually anywhere and not having to email in spreadsheets.