Journyx provides an integrated time tracking software and financial management and compliance system for physician-hospital contracts.

In our singular moment, healthcare systems and facilities are more pressed than ever to manage costs. Overall, wages and benefits are the largest single expense for hospitals, typically accounting for 50% or more of expenses. Physician and clinical costs—a major driver of hospital and healthcare system spend—make up almost half of these hospital salary costs.

To manage this spend, hospitals need to ensure the payments they make to physicians are accurate and timely, using the correct rates for the relevant contract. Hospitals also need an ongoing, clear picture of what happened with that money—which contracts and physicians drove expenses more than others—so they can optimize physician spend over time.

Moreover, hospitals can incur significant penalties if payments to physicians are not administered correctly and in a way that’s demonstrably accurate. Using manual or partially-automated systems for tracking physician time—to contracts, facilities, or specific categories of their work—can lead not only to operationally costly errors, but to legal and regulatory exposure and financial risk as well.

Hospitals face an additional challenge with physicians spending so much of their time doing administrative tasks. Physician time spent on administrative work is estimated at 13%, which represents millions of dollars of potential optimization. Hospital administration can only reduce this substantial overhead if it has clarity on how much time is spent on what issues, and by whom.

Journyx provides an easy and powerful solution to these problems.

  • Automates physician time logging, facilitating accurate and timely payments and an auditable, reportable trail
  • Associates physician time to contracts using a live integration to your existing contract management system
  • Integrates smoothly with your existing human resource management system to dynamically populate user/physician data within the system from time entries
  • Provides both mobile and browser-based interfaces
  • Delivers clarity with simple, at-a-glance dashboards, as well as both standard and custom reports for more in-depth data analysis
Journyx Time Tracking & Resource Management Software

An ideal time tracking system for hospitals and healthcare providers


User-Friendly Time Entry

Easy to use time tracking system that increases efficiency, accuracy, and transparency

Web and Mobile Access

Track physician time and expenses on all contracts from anywhere – in one place

Comprehensive Reporting

Capture key data insights and actionable strategies that yield maximum results to increase a hospital's bottom line

Automated, Multi-Level Approval Workflows

Paperless time tracking with easy online approvals, system alerts, and automated payments, customized to meet your needs

Proven Integration Platform

Tailored two-way integration with your existing business systems – including your contract management system and ERP – to streamline processes and get the most out of all your tools

Custom Entry Sheet for Bonuses

A more robust database that supports other physician payment types, like sign-on bonuses or incentive payments

Featured Case Studies

Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions
Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions
Completely automated the payroll process for PHS’s non-exempt staff, saving hours’ worth of time each week and reducing the risk of human error.
[Journyx PX] gives us this level of detail and it’s no longer lost time or information. It helps us know what’s going on within the company.