Nonprofit Time Tracking Software

We save time. Easy and accurate timekeeping software for nonprofit organizations provides key insights into project costs and simplifies grant reporting.

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Your organization’s most critical resource is your peoples’ time. Journyx makes it easy to track all their time and expenses in one place, helping you gain greater insights into project and program costs, track time accurately for grants reporting, and pay your team in less time. Now everyone can focus on what matters most – the mission of the organization.

Benefits of Project-Based Timesheets for Nonprofits

  • Track time in one place for project/program cost measurement, grants reporting, and payroll
  • Sync data with accounting, payroll, and/or project management systems
  • Easily report time & expenses to grantors and funding sources
  • Eliminate tedious, manual work of inputting and chasing paper timesheets
  • Allow teams to track time remotely with the Journyx mobile app

Streamlined Program Management

Keeping track of how much time your team spends on each project can help you measure progress, detect inefficiencies, and ensure grant compliance. Not only does this help you cut costs and better manage your staff, but it lets you create more accurate budgets and better allocate resources.

With Journyx time tracking software, you can see real-time data on employee time spent on different programs, projects, and tasks. This lets you easily find the metrics you need and report on the data that are most important to you and your grantors. With a click of a button, you can let your organization’s stakeholders see how the funding is being put to use and how much time and money it actually takes to get things done.

Increased Funding

When you can show your grantors and funding sources where and how time and money are being spent, you can improve your chances of securing more funding from them in the future. Journyx time tracking and resource management solutions give you access to more detailed time and expense data, so you can easily report back to funding sources and demonstrate the direct impact that funding has on your initiatives.

This information can even help you when it’s time to attract new funding sources, especially when you can show them how efficiently time and money are spent. Since many grantors require accurate record keeping and reporting for eligibility, project-based time tracking with Journyx keeps you one step ahead for your next round of applications.

More Efficient Staff Management

The last thing you want to do is spend extra money when you don’t have to. With Journyx time tracking software, you can save precious time and dollars by cutting back on the time spent filling out and reviewing timesheets. Our software lets your employees submit timesheets and expenses — and lets supervisors access this information — from any cloud-based device.

You can also automatically validate timesheets, manage leave requests, and calculate accruals. In fact, you can input time for your entire staff with web-based crew time tracking. Your team will spend less time each month calculating payroll and more time focused on the important work your nonprofit does.

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Since using Journyx Timesheet, we’ve seen a more general awareness of how we spend our most critical resource—our peoples’ time.