Journyx for Finance Professionals

Get clarity on the profitable areas of your company

Employee time and expense data is a goldmine of valuable insights, giving you the information you need to steer the company in the right financial direction. However, it needs to be captured as accurately as possible – otherwise, you’ll be lost in a sea of empty data.

Let Journyx time tracking software be your compass to help you drive growth and enterprise value in your organization – giving you a clearer understanding of where employees spend their time.

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Financial Forecasting to Ensure Success

Whether you need data for project accounting, annual budgeting, or compliance reporting, Journyx gives you the power to collect more accurate time and expense data. Now you know when, where, why and how money is being spent – so you can forecast and budget for your company’s financial success.

Time and Expense for Billing and Payroll

Save Time & Money with More Accurate Data

When your company depends on client billings, you can’t afford missed hours and timesheet errors. With Journyx, you can capture better time, cost and project accounting data in less time – so you can get invoices out quicker and with more accurate detail.


Stay Compliant with Federal, State, and Global Rules

If you need to comply with various state, federal, and even global regulations (such as DCAA, HIPAA, or GDPR), you know how important it is to collect the right employee data in the right way. With Journyx, you can ensure financial compliance with a better way to categorize all work and cost data. Plus, Journyx adheres to strict privacy controls and takes the security of your employee data seriously.

Knowledge is Power with Flexible Reporting

Need to generate several different types of reports from your employee time and expense data? Journyx gives you the reporting flexibility to accommodate the needs of different departments and groups while allowing reporting across the entire organization. Journyx Reportlink combines your Journyx time and expense data with the power of Microsoft Excel – so you can create rich, robust reports.

Journyx for Accounting and Payroll

Now you can do more in less time

When you’re under pressure to process payroll and invoices quickly and accurately, you don’t have time to chase down late timesheets and expense reports, correct costly errors, and enter all the data into your various systems by hand.

Stop chasing timesheets and doing manual data entry, and start spending time on what matters. With a system for tracking employee time and expenses, you’ll get the payroll data you need for more accurate processing and reports – helping you get your job done more efficiently and with less error. Journyx makes the job of collecting employee time data painless. 


Eliminate Manual Entry

Journyx integrates with your key business systems, including ERP, payroll, project accounting, and more. Employee time and expenses are automatically synced back to your other systems, so you can process payroll and billing quickly and easily. Learn more about Journyx integrations.

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Rely on Precise Time & Expense Data

With Journyx, you’ll be able to track time on client projects with more precision – which means less missed billables and more revenue. Bill clients based on more accurate time and expense data tracked at the client or project level, and invoice them quicker.

Customized Solutions

Get the Tools to Simplify Processes & Reduce Error

Journyx gives you a complete set of tools to collect employee time and expenses for billing, payroll, and project accounting in a fraction of the time. Receive timesheets quicker, automate timesheet processing in your payroll and accounting systems, and greatly reduce timesheet errors. Plus, you can automate workflows and streamline approvals of timesheets.


Reduce Errors & Payroll Processing Time

You have better things to do than correct employee timesheets. Using Journyx data validation tools, you can create your own rules based on your company’s needs for validating timesheet data. Define business rules for managing specific classifications of work, like overtime and vacation accruals, and assign multiple pay rates to individual employees based on the type of employment and work.

Journyx for Project Management

Run successful projects and operations with ease

As a project manager, you may feel like you’re juggling chainsaws. You need to keep track of every detail of your projects – time and task management, resources, and costs – while managing stakeholder expectations, reporting on status, and keeping everything on schedule.

With Journyx project management time tracking on your side, you’ll capture more accurate project time and cost data – so you can deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less stress.

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Keep Customers Happy and Projects on Time and on Budget

With Journyx, you no longer have to guess if your projects are staying on track. Now you have all the project time and expense data you need to compare estimated work and budgets to actual work and costs/profits, and make adjustments where you need them – so you can rest easier knowing your projects are under control.

Resource Management & Scheduling

Project-Level Resource Planning and Scheduling

Making sure all your resources are properly allocated without being overloaded can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope. Now you can avoid overloading your project team members with Journyx PX! Project portfolio allocation data helps you plan future work and ensure sufficient resource capacity – giving you clear insights into resource availability. Learn more about Journyx PX Software for Resource Management.

Resource Management & Scheduling

Automated Workflows will Ease Time & Expense Approvals

You already have enough on your plate to worry about reviewing and approving the timesheets of all your team members. Journyx gives you the ability to automate review and approval of time logged to specific projects – one less thing to think about during your busy day!

Time and Expense Tracking

Better Insights for Better Results

Journyx gives you the power to track multiple levels of project time and resources, so you can more precisely pinpoint potential issues before they become major problems. Journyx’s robust reporting capabilities allow you to report across all your projects at once to give high-level status to stakeholders and management.

“Journyx allows us to configure everything to meet our needs upfront, which really allows us to save time and gain productivity.”

Susan SingletonBusiness System Quality Improvement Manager

“We have seen a decrease in overhead costs, a reduction in the administrative burden placed on employees and managers for timekeeping and expense tracking, and elimination of errors in payroll, vendor billing, and invoicing.”

Darrell SmithCEO, Highmark
More Testimonials

“We’re able to provide better customer service to our clients. We save at least two hours every week because the time data is put in correctly the first time.”

J.R. CarterCEO, Intersys Consulting