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  • Journyx for Accounting & Payroll Administrators

There’s no room for error. You also need accurate payroll data for better reporting – and with everything you do under tight deadlines, you don’t want to spend too much of your time correcting bad data.

How Journyx Can Help with Payroll Time Tracking

With a system for tracking employee time and expenses, you can get your job done more efficiently and with less error – plus get the payroll data you need for more accurate payroll reporting. Journyx provides better time tracking for payroll administrators, allowing you to:

  • Set specific pay periods and calculations to fit your company’s payroll process.
  • Define business rules for managing specific classifications of work, like overtime and vacation accruals.
  • Assign multiple pay rates to individual employees based on the type of employment and work.
  • Automate workflow and manager approval of timesheets.
  • Bill clients based on more accurate time and expense data tracked at the client or project level.