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Journyx for Project Managers

The power to run successful projects with ease.

As a project manager, you may feel like you’re juggling chainsaws. You need to keep track of every detail of your projects – time and task management, resources, and costs – while managing stakeholder expectations, reporting on status, and keeping everything on schedule.

How Journyx Can Help with Project Time Tracking & Project Accounting

With Journyx on your side, you’ll capture more accurate project time and cost data – so you can deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less stress.

  • Capture real-time project status and accurate project time in one central location, and sync it to both Microsoft Project and your ERP system for easier project accounting.
  • Compare estimated work and budgets to actual work and costs/profits, so you can make adjustments where you need them.
  • Avoid overloading your project team members! Project portfolio allocation data helps you plan future work and ensure sufficient resource capacity.
  • Automate review and approval of time logged to specific projects, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Track multiple levels of project time and resources, and report across all your projects at once.
  • Track project time in Journyx and sync it to both Microsoft Project and your ERP system for easier project accounting

"Finding a time and project tracking solution which also enables continual improvement of our project and resource management functions would be a win all-around. This potential is what we found with Journyx."

– Joe Quaratella, Chief Technical Officer, triVIN

"(With Journyx), we can easily measure hours accrued to date on our projects, ensuring that they stay on-track and within budget."

– Phil Pierson, Engagement Manager