Journyx Time & Expense Tracking for Project Managers

Run successful projects with ease with powerful project management time tracking.

As a project manager, you may feel like you’re juggling chainsaws. You need to keep track of every detail of your projects – time and task management, resources, and costs – while managing stakeholder expectations, reporting on status, and keeping everything on schedule.

With Journyx project management time tracking on your side, you’ll capture more accurate project time and cost data – so you can deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less stress.

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"Finding a time and project tracking solution which also enables continual improvement of our project and resource management functions would be a win all-around. This potential is what we found with Journyx."

– Joe Quaratella, Chief Technical Officer, triVIN logo

"(With Journyx), we can easily measure hours accrued to date on our projects, ensuring that they stay on-track and within budget."

– Phil Pierson, Engagement Manager

How Journyx Can Help with Project Management Time Tracking & Project Accounting

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One Project Time and Expense Tracking System to Rule Them All

Less systems for entering and managing project time and expenses means less stress for everyone on your team. Journyx gives you one central location for capturing real-time project status and accurate project time. Plus, you can sync it all back to both Microsoft Project and your ERP system for easier project accounting.

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Keep Projects on Target – and Your Stress Levels Low

With Journyx, you no longer have to guess if your projects are staying on track. Now you have all the project time and expense data you need to compare estimated work and budgets to actual work and costs/profits, and make adjustments where you need them – so you can rest easier knowing your projects are under control.

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Approve Project Time and Expenses Without Thinking About It

Making sure all your resources are properly allocated without being overloaded can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope. Now you can avoid overloading your project team members with Journyx PX! Project portfolio allocation data helps you plan future work and ensure sufficient resource capacity – giving you clear insights into resource availability. Learn more about Journyx PX >

Data Validation and Corrections

Approve Project Time and Expenses Without Thinking About It

You already have enough on your plate to worry about reviewing and approving the timesheets of all your team members. Journyx gives you the ability to automate review and approval of time logged to specific projects – one less thing to think about during your busy day!

Time and Expense Reports

More Project Status Insights Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Journyx gives you the power to track multiple levels of project time and resources, so you can more precisely pinpoint potential issues before they become major problems. Journyx’s robust reporting capabilities allow you to report across all your projects at once to give high-level status to stakeholders and management.

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Liz Claiborne Improves Project Estimation Using Journyx and Microsoft Project

“Journyx provided a straightforward way to implement time tracking into an organization that had never tracked time at that level of detail. Its ease of use and flexibility allowed us to quickly overcome staff trepidation of entering their time and implement the product without adding to staff for administration of the system.”

-John Kovac, Vice President of Information Technology, Liz Claiborne

Prior to using Journyx, Liz Claiborne Inc.’s IS/IT department used only Microsoft Project to manage projects and schedule resources. For accounting purposes, the company needed to track the time these employees spent working on capital versus maintenance projects. In choosing the right solution, Liz Claiborne considered price, ease of implementation, reporting flexibility, and ability to link with Microsoft Project. Liz Claiborne chose Journyx — Web-based software for time tracking, billing, payroll, invoicing and project management used by IBM, Analog Devices, VeriSign, Siemens and many others — as the best solution to meet these needs, as well as the company’s desire to track associate time against projects at an aggregate level.

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