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  • Journyx for Project Managers

The devil is in the details. As a project manager, you need to keep track of every detail of your projects – from time and task management, to resources, and costs – so you can report on status and make better estimates for future projects. And you’d prefer to do it all in one place, thank you very much.

How Journyx Can Help with Project Time Tracking

With a project time management and resource management system, you can manage the finer details of every project to keep everything on track. With Journyx project time tracking and Journyx PX resource management software, you can:

  • Automate review and approval of time logged to specific projects.
  • Compare estimated work and budgets to actual work and costs/profits for monitoring project status and making adjustments.
  • Use project portfolio allocation data to plan future work and ensure sufficient resource capacity.
  • Automate workflow and manager approval of timesheets.
  • Capture real-time project status in one central location.
  • Track project time in Journyx and sync it to both Microsoft Project and your ERP system for easier project accounting