The Journyx Advantage

Streamline Workflow

Journyx takes the time out of employee time tracking by streamlining timesheet processing:

  • Stop chasing timesheets: Journyx empowers employees to track their time easily and submit timesheets on time
  • One system to rule them all: Enter time once in Journyx and sync it to your key business systems for processing
  • Better time data: Reduce errors in timesheets by creating rules for automatically validating them

Control Costs

Journyx gives you the critical insights you need to help you get a handle on your costs:

  • Projects: Track time against projects, find out which ones are profitable, and make better estimations on upcoming projects.
  • Billing: Increase your revenue by billing your clients more accurately.
  • Efficiency: Time is money. By streamlining your business processes, you’ll save time and improve your bottom line.

Improve Payroll

Journyx time and expense tracking software helps make employee time tracking for payroll processing more efficient and accurate:

  • Reduce time: Collect time and expenses in one system, one time.
  • Reduce effort: Sync employee time and expense data back to your payroll system – no more manual entry.
  • Reduce error: Validate time data against payroll rules you create based on your organization’s needs.

Bill More Accurately

Stop wondering if you’re billing your clients correctly, and start knowing that you are:

  • Increase billables: Track time against client work and get a better handle on where time is being spent and identify gaps.
  • Reduce billing cycles: Sync time and expense data with your billing and/or ERP system for quicker invoicing.

Journyx is Your Single Source of Truth for Workforce Time and Expense Information

Journyx equips you with the tools making smarter decisions, more data-driven decisions. Our time and expense tracking software minimizes the effort and error associated with entering, submitting, and processing timesheet data across the organization – streamlining your project accounting, payroll, and client billing processes and providing you with more accurate time data.

Thousands of companies worldwide use Journyx to track and manage their employee time, expenses and resources for billing, payroll, project accounting, compliance and more. They have a clearer picture of where time is being spent, and are seeing a positive impact on their productivity and profitability.

Time & Expense Tracking

  • Enter all your time and expenses in one, simple-to-use system.
  • Improve time tracking accuracy with AI-driven timesheets, memorized entries and data validation.
  • Manage accruals and vacation requests.
  • Quickly and accurately reimburse your people for business-related expenses.
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Resource Management & Scheduling

  • Visually track resource usage across projects and non-project activities.
  • Get a quick overview of your peoples’ scheduled work through a Gantt chart interface.
  • Confidently assign the right personnel to the right work by tracking productivity and performance.
  • Make better business decisions on project status based on real-time data.
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Journyx Mobile Time and Expense Tracking

  • Enter both time and expenses remotely, through iOS or Android mobile devices.
  • Manage current and past timesheets, expenses and custom entries.
  • Include attachments from the device’s photo gallery (such as receipt images).
  • Clock in and out to capture work times.
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  • Easily create robust, visual reports and dashboards so you can get the data you need, when you need it.
  • Schedule reports to run whenever you want, however often you want.
  • Configure to show the metrics most relevant in your business.
  • Access reports in the Journyx cloud 24×7 and share it easily to anyone.
  • Use Journyx Reportlink to turn your Journyx data into true business intelligence in Excel and Power BI.
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Integrates with your key business systems, including: