Journyx Trademark Guidelines


You may use the Journyx trademarks below in any blog, news article, or on your website without our written consent, as long as you use them according to this guideline, retain the capitalization structure indicated below, and retain the ® symbol or TM symbol as applicable on the right shoulder of the mark according to the usage in the list below.

Computer software company, logo and its products / services
Journyx, the software product (as distinguished from Journyx, the company)—a time and expense tracking and project costing system
Journyx PX
Software for time and expense tracking, project costing, and project resource management
Journyx Accountlink
Software module for Journyx or Journyx PX that integrates Journyx with third party accounting and ERP software
Journyx Projectlink
Software module for Journyx or Journyx PX that integrates Journyx with Microsoft® Office Project
Journyx Reportlink
Software module for Journyx or Journyx PX that integrates Journyx with Microsoft® Office Excel®

Our Logos

The Journyx logo is a graphical element that visually represents our company and brand. You may use the Journyx logo in a blog or news article, publication, book or other online or offline medium, or on your website in reference to the respective Journyx product, without our written consent, provided that the logos are duplicated exactly as provided to you, and the ® symbol attached to the shoulder of the logo is retained. All other usages of the Journyx logos require the written approval of Journyx.

Although you are not permitted to modify the Journyx logo or product logos in any manner, you may resize a logo for the page where it’s displayed.

Name Usage

You may use our company or product names or brands in publications, blogs, books or other online or offline mediums, provided this outline is adhered to and the ® symbol or TM symbol as applicable is retained on the right shoulder of the mark. In a longer publication where Journyx is cited more than once, the trademark symbol need only be used the first time the brand is mentioned.

You may use Journyx’s product names and trademarks in your own software product naming, however it must be clear that your product is a third-party tool, not a Journyx-developed tool.

For example: “XYZ connector for Journyx®” is okay, whereas “Journyx® connector for XYZ” is not. The former is acceptable because it connotes a 3rd party plugin for Journyx®; the latter is unacceptable because it connotes a Journyx-developed tool.

Do not concatenate product names, e.g., “AcmeConnectJournyx.”

Journyx Visual Style and Content

In addition to trademarks and service marks, Journyx has developed graphic artwork, screenshots, and imagery for our website and other web properties.

Journyx’s visual style should not be reproduced or mimicked. The Journyx product documentation, website, and all intellectual property rights, including all Copyright rights therein, are owned by Journyx. Reproduction or borrowing of the documentation or website content or artwork without permission is a violation of Journyx’s Copyright.

Your website should not borrow heavily from or closely resemble Journyx’s website or web properties.

If there are design elements that you wish to re-use on your website (e.g., to reuse a screenshot), please contact us for permission at

If you have any questions about the use of Journyx marks or logos, please contact us at