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We’re Not Interesting, But You Are.

We're Not Interesting, But You Are.Journyx has been around for more than 15 years at the time of this writing. During that time, we have developed and distributed the first web-based time tracking system. We have served industries in nearly every field and provided custom solutions when other companies said it was impossible. We have a well-developed expert knowledge base that can help you tackle government contracts, recover from an economic downturn or make a footprint in the global marketplace. Our website highlights our capabilities in “Track Time and Expenses,” “Bill For Projects,” and “Pass DCAA Audits,” among other things. We do all of these things, and we do them well. But that is not why people choose Journyx.

People choose Journyx because they want to hold a finished product in their hand, not look at a report detailing last minute budget issues that require the cancellation of a project. People choose Journyx because they want to make sure their employees are happy and working on the tasks that they are individually best at. People choose Journyx because, at the end of the day, they want to leave the office secure in the knowledge that they are on track, without the nagging fear that they really should have kept working well into the night.

They choose us not because of what we provide, but because of what we remove: Inhibition. Stress. Uncertainty. Stagnation. These things are responsible for the ills that befall nearly every company from time to time. Executives don’t refuse creative new initiatives because they hate advancement; they do so because they are afraid they will lose money. They don’t refuse the promotion because they dislike the employee, but because they aren’t certain that it will increase overall company health. At Journyx, we realize that sometimes these situations will persist regardless of the action taken, but we also believe that by providing an in-depth view into the operations of a business we can make sure that the implications of every decision are known. That way, when a company decides to build the next pipeline, rocket engine or video game, they can rest easy in the knowledge that they are doing so with the right people, resources and budget. 

So don’t deal with Journyx because we are interesting. Deal with us because you are.

wait. See y’all in Houston, Texas! 

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