Online Timesheet Application

Track Time Your Way with Journyx’s Web-Based Time Tracking Application

With an online timesheet equipped with a timesheet mobile app, your team can track their time from anywhere.

mobile time tracking

You know that you can count on your team. No matter where the work needs to be done—at home, on-site, or even from an airplane—you know they’re going to be on top of it.

If your team can work from anywhere, why would you rely on outdated time entry methods that are unreliable and time consuming, and add unnecessary bulk to your employees’ and administrators’ workload?

Gone are the days of guessing how many hours were spent on this or that, or asking employees to keep notes they can enter when they get back to their desk. With an online timesheet equipped with a timesheet mobile app, your team can track their time from anywhere.

With Journyx web-based timesheet software, team members can log and approve time while gaining valuable data, such as:

  • Individual hours
  • Crew hours
  • Calendar day
  • Activity type
  • Project type
  • Pay type
  • Leave time

Time Entry Software That Does the Work for You

How often do you find yourself wondering what you could take off your plate so you can be more productive and even have more time to enjoy yourself?

What about your company itself? Which goals down the pipeline are just waiting on the right time and the right budget?

Online employee timesheets streamline payroll and expense tracking so that everyone can spend less time filling out timesheets, reconciling errors, tracking employee time for budgeting and compliance, and approving leave—meaning they have more time to focus on increasing profitability. There may even be time left over for a quick game of disc golf or a walk in the park on a beautiful day.

Making the switch to timesheet tracking software means opening the door to a host of features that will help your business grow:

  • Seamless Transition: Journyx integrates with existing business systems and cloud applications, so you can streamline your payroll and billing and improve efficiency without losing data or having to invest time in migrating data manually.
  • Easy Interface: The value of having a simple user interface for your timesheet software cannot be overstated. Why even bother upgrading to a new system without it? With Journyx, employees simply select the day and project, and enter their time. Admins can manage leave requests easily and let the system calculate time off accruals for them.
  • Smart Technology: Journyx’s smart timesheet application can use past entries to create new timesheets, reducing the amount of direct effort needed to complete repetitive tasks. You can even speed up time entry by allowing Journyx to make suggestions based on your existing calendar.
  • Built-In Validation: Mistakes cost money. Reducing mistakes takes time. Journyx’s built-in validation tools reduce the need for manual corrections by automating certain features like future entries, minimum and maximum hours, dropdown restrictions, minute increments, and holiday restrictions.
  • Flexible Access: Time tracking software programs are powerful business analytics tools with a wealth of information. For this reason, many require users to log in from their in-office network. Journyx’s secure cloud-based server means more flexible access—even mobile—without sacrificing security.

Reporting That Drives Performance

If timesheet management software were only about who is working when and for how long, you’d be missing out on valuable business analytics data. Your company can use this data to increase project visibility and management, get a complete picture of your labor costs and needs, and remain in compliance with various state, federal, and even global regulations such as DCAA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Journyx’s robust reporting features allow your company to generate flexible reports that suit the needs of different departments across your organization. When you need data for project accounting, HR, budget forecasting, or compliance reporting, the information is there.

Power In the Palm of Your Hand

Any device, any time. Not only is the Journyx timesheet mobile app powerful enough to allow your employees to enter their time from anywhere, but you can track, submit, and approve time directly from the Journyx mobile app (available for both Android and iOS).

Lost receipts? It happens. For an even more detailed view of your project or company’s financial picture, employees can create expense entries with images of their receipts directly in the app.

Supervising remote and off-site employees doesn’t have to be frustrating, and you don’t have to sacrifice great data for the benefits of having a flexible or mobile team. Our mobile app syncs in real time with the Journyx cloud-based system so you can ensure that all data is instantly visible when you need to harness the full power of the desktop program.

If you’re ready to consider partnering with Journyx or want more information about how we can help you increase your bottom line, schedule a customized demo online or call (800) 755-9878.