Save Time with a Flexible, Project-Oriented Timesheet Software for Business

Whether they’re out in the field meeting with clients or at home in sweatpants hashing out a project schedule, today’s employees are increasingly diverse in their talents, skills, and tasks.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to overwork your best employees—resulting in burnout—or underutilize your employees who tend to fly under the radar—resulting in boredom and disengagement. Creating a perfectly balanced environment for your team is complicated, but that doesn’t mean you need a complicated timesheet tracking software.

Using Journyx for Tracking Time on Multiple Projects

Journyx’s time and expense entry system with mobile access on any iOS or Android device means that your workforce can account for their labor and expenses on multiple projects easily.

Your team simply needs to select a day, select a project, and enter their time. They can even create expense entries for their projects with images of their receipts for even more detailed and accurate project cost accounting. Read on for an overview of how easy it is to use Journyx timesheet tracking software to log time and generate robust reports full of actionable data.

Customizable Profiles

Each team member with licensed access to Journyx has a profile customized with their settings and permissions.

Consider what you need your team members to do. Do they need access to approve time-off requests or view reports themselves? You can set that up.

Easy-to-Read Calendar View

Journyx’s interface, even in the mobile app, is intuitive and easy to use. Users simply need to select “Timesheets” or “Expenses” to log what you need to know.

Let’s say Alan is ready to log his time for May 2. He simply selects the “Timesheets” tab, and then the date.

Alan is then prompted to add his time and the details of his work to that date. This is where Alan will be able to select which project he is logging as well as whether or not he is logging billable or non-billable hours.

In less time than it takes to post on social media, Alan has provided your company with invaluable enterprise data.

Thanks to Journyx’s powerful data validation tools, which can be assigned by timesheet managers to specific pay groups—such as hourly workers, salaried employees, and contract workers—Alan’s entry will help your company remain compliant and stop wasting time on timesheet corrections.

Equally Easy Desktop Capabilities

Sometimes, you don’t need the quick click-and-go convenience of a mobile app; perhaps you need to add specific information to clarify the entry. Journyx’s powerful desktop interface is equally user friendly when it comes to logging time.

While hours, minutes, and days are the key data points in time tracking, Journyx’s Comments feature doesn’t limit you to numbers and figures. When the human element matters, especially when your team is working on multiple projects, employees can easily add brief comments to their timesheets by the project entry.

Robust Reporting You Can Use

Besides being easy to use on the input side, Journyx’s customizable reporting means that you can build better workflows and budgets with as little or as much data as you need to see at any given time.

You can evaluate employee time spent across projects and dates to get a precise sense of how your teams are working. You can even pull reports that help you assess how effectively your timesheet tracking is being implemented.

With Journyx, you can spend minutes tracking hours. Journyx has the tools you need to simplify processes so you can focus on the complex tasks that deserve more attention. For more information about how you can use Journyx to track time on multiple projects with greater precision, schedule a customized demo online or call (800) 755-9878.