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HIPAA Ready Improves Project Planning and Forecasting with Journyx PX


What Journyx did for us:

[Journyx PX] gives us this level of detail and it’s no longer lost time or information. It helps us know what’s going on within the company.

Shem Isukh, President & CEO

Their Story

Based in Denver, Co., HIPAA Ready, LLC, is comprised of healthcare, business, information and technology experts, specializing in systems analysis, design, development and implementation.

“With a small group, it’s fairly easy to start a project, assign jobs to people and get verbal updates. Once you grow past a certain number of people, however, managing projects effectively becomes difficult without a project management system. Prior to implementing Journyx, we used a combination of handmade timesheets, spreadsheets and Microsoft Project files to manage our projects. We had to go and get updates from team members and then manually enter the actuals into the Microsoft Project plans.”


“While other solutions ranged from offering too much to too little, Journyx PX gives us exactly what we need. It isn’t hard to implement and though it provides detailed information, it does not have a lot of overhead complexity. The synchronization with Microsoft Project gives us the ability to update projects with actuals. A timesheet is one thing, but tying that timesheet data to project tasks, which helps us manage our projects and resources — that is a big deal! Even if someone spent half of their week on administrative work, this information is valuable to us. PX gives us this level of detail and it’s no longer lost time or information. It helps us know what’s going on within the company.

“Our employees will tell us, ‘What you have in the project plan is not exactly the task I’m working on,’ or ‘You budgeted 10 hours but it’s taking 25 hours.’ That feedback helps us to adjust our project plan and plan better for the next project. The information that we can obtain with PX provides us a level of detail that we did not have in the past.

“Journyx ties everything together for us. It takes redundancy and duplication out of our process, as well.”

Learn More

HIPAA Ready: www.hipaa-ready.com