New Features Available with Journyx 12.2 Release

May 12, 2020 Today we are announcing the launch of Journyx 12.2.20 (Greenwich release). The Journyx 12.2.0 product release includes a new team assignments feature for Journyx PX users, which allows you to block off the future availability of a team without requiring you to identify specific team member(s) who will do the work when the time comes. It also gives you the option to allow team members to “grab” available assignments for themselves when they are ready.

Team assignments are a great way to block off future demands on availability with “placeholder” assignments based on the types of resources you will need to work a particular task at a later date. When planning project work into the future, you can block off time for certain types of resources without knowing exactly who will be doing the work. You can then see future resource capacity based on groups of resources, helping you plan ahead to ensure you have enough staff to complete the work and avoid overbooking resources.

The new product release also provides more options to customize your reporting, including a grid layout option for viewing report data by sheet and a new chart type for comparing numbers or stacking multiple numbers, and includes significant performance improvements for approval workflows and push notifications.

For more information, see the Journyx 12.2.0 Features Overview.

You can find the full 12.2.0 change list or Feature Upgrade Guide published on our User Community Site.

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