Top Challenges with Time Tracking in Dynamics™ NAV

Report Reviews Time and Expense Tracking Trends and Needs of Dynamics™ NAV Users

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 6, 2017) – Today Journyx releases a new report that examines how users of Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV utilize time and expense tracking together with the Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The report, titled 2017 State of Time Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, is based on the results of a November, 2016 survey of Dynamics™ NAV users Journyx conducted in partnership with This survey aimed to discover more about how Dynamics™ NAV users are tracking their employee time within their organizations.

“The climate in the Dynamics™ space is definitely changing, most notably with the launch of Dynamics™ 365,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “With this survey, we wanted to take the pulse of NAV users and get a better understanding of current trends and priorities for them.”

A key finding in the report shows that 74 percent of survey respondents have a need to track time in their organizations. Dynamics™ NAV users have two main options when it comes to collecting time and expense data: the Time Sheets functionality native to NAV, and third-party time tracking software.

The survey found that only 34 percent of respondents said that they used Time Sheets in NAV as their primary time tracking tool, with the remaining 66 percent explaining that they instead used a third party solution. Probing deeper into use of third-party time tracking, the survey revealed that 36 percent of respondents did not integrate their time tracking software with Dynamics™ NAV – either because they did not know it could integrate (18 percent), or the software cannot integrate.

The survey also asked Dynamics™ NAV users their biggest pain point with time tracking in their organizations. While getting employees to submit their timesheets on time came out on top, other hurdles NAV users face include correcting bad timesheet data, and using a time tracking solution that doesn’t work within NAV itself.

“This survey clearly shows missed opportunities with how Dynamics™ NAV organizations track employee time,” said Brian Maxin, Director of Sales at Journyx. “If NAV users do not utilizing time tracking tools that work together with NAV in some way, more challenges will arise when it comes to collecting the most accurate time data and processing it in the most efficient way possible.”


Full Report – 2017 State of Time Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

Infographic – 2017 State of Time Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics®  NAV

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