Helen Keller Partners with Journyx to Track its Mission

Global health nonprofit organization will use Journyx cloud-based project time tracking for its 1000 worldwide employees, helping them to optimize the time they spend on their core mission.

AUSTIN, TEXAS (August 19, 2019) – Helen Keller International has chosen Journyx’s project time tracking solution for its 1000-employee global workforce. Journyx is steeped in the business of helping organizations maximize the good they do for the world with a time tracking solution for nonprofits. This solution will enable Helen Keller International to optimize its resources so they can spend more time on what matters – improving the sight and lives of vulnerable people around the world.

“Our decision to use Journyx was rooted in the overall strength of the application and its ability to meet a variety of our needs,” said Helen Keller International’s Vice President of Information and Operations Systems, Ric Plaisance. “We have very high regard for the expertise of the Journyx team, and that made a big difference for us.”

The mission of Helen Keller International is to empower millions of people to achieve their potential through the delivery of preventative and curative solutions in eye health, nutrition, and neglected tropical diseases. The organization works in the U.S., Africa and Asia, with dozens of offices in a total of 21 countries where they deliver health solutions to communities in need. All of their team members will be entering time into Journyx for their various initiatives.

Many nonprofits need to track the time and expenses they allocate to their initiatives as part of important monitoring procedures, grant management and reporting. Now, with Journyx’s cloud-based time tracking solution, Helen Keller International will be able to fully automate this function, which will save not only hundreds of hours of time across the organization, but also thousands of dollars.

“Aided by Journyx, the precision with which we can now capture the information we need, accompanied by the speed with which we will be able to get the data into our data warehouse, will enhance our ability to track and analyze staff time on projects,” said Plaisance.

Ultimately, Journyx’s ability to meet Helen Keller International’s specific requirements, especially pertaining to flexibility and data accuracy, is why they chose Journyx over other possible solutions.

“We’re both humbled and excited to partner with Helen Keller International to serve the time tracking needs of its global employees,” said Curt Finch, Founder, and CEO of Journyx. “Time is such a precious resource, and every minute our solution saves them is another minute they can spend helping save sight and lives across the globe.”

He added, “We hope this partnership will last for years to come as we grow continually to meet not only their needs, but the constantly changing nature of work in general.”

About Journyx, Inc.

Journyx is changing the way companies measure productivity and profitability with smarter project time tracking that dramatically improves operational inefficiency – automating processes for collecting, interpreting, processing, and utilizing time and expense data. By integrating with a suite of key business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Project, Excel, and Exchange, Journyx provides companies with a single source of truth for time information. Journyx cloud-based platform features AI-driven timesheets, flexible accrual calculations, multi-level approvals, mobile entry, and data validation. Since 1996, Journyx has provided web-based time and expense tracking solutions for hundreds of companies around the world. For more information, visit www.journyx.com.

About Helen Keller International

Co-founded in 1915 by its namesake, Helen Keller International is a global health nonprofit that empowers millions of people to achieve their potential through the delivery of preventative and curative solutions in eye health, nutrition, and neglected tropical diseases. The organization envisions a world where no one suffers from preventable or treatable blindness, low vision, disease, or malnutrition. Headquartered in New York City, Helen Keller International has programs in the United States, Africa, and Asia. www.hki.org

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