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Isn’t it frustrating to continually chase after timesheets when they’re due, correct timesheets, or manually enter them into other systems for project time tracking, payroll, or billing? This process is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but is losing your company money.

What if there was a timesheet solution that could cut this process down to hours instead of days?

Bernard Hodes Gains Better Insight Into the Value They Bring to Clients with Journyx

“Bernard Hodes Group provides a hosted talent management solution, putting us on the line to meet our clients’ needs on a day-to-day basis. The power of Journyx is in telling us analytically where we have spent our time. We can track how long it takes to do a job and then compare it to our expectations. We can assess the value that we are bringing to our clients through our project and services work.”

– Bill Bloom, Vice President, Solutions Delivery, Hodes iQ

Journyx time and expense tracking software streamlines the collection and processing of timesheets – reducing payroll time, growing client billings, and increasing project profitability. With Journyx, you can collect better data for better, more informed decisions.

Time and Expense Tracking
Data Validation and Corrections
Mobile Time Tracking
Time and Expense Reports

Integrate Journyx timesheet software with your existing business systems for project time tracking, payroll, and billing – including Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP, NAV, SL, and AX, QuickBooks®, Microsoft® Project, ADP, and other systems.

Enter all of your time (including project time and time off) and expenses in one simple user interface.

Reduce manual corrections with built-in tools for validating timesheet data automatically. Validate time data entered into Journyx against rules you create based on your organization’s needs.

Manage leave requests and calculate accruals, all in one place. Create specific accrual processes that can then be applied as needed to your existing users.

Track time and expenses across devices with mobile entry for iOS and Android. Manage current and past timesheets, expenses and custom entries, plus upload receipt images right from your device.

See real time data easily at the program, project, or task level with the ability to show metrics and reports that are most relevant in your business.

Enter time for your entire team with web-based crew time tracking from Journyx. Your crew will spend less time filling out timesheets, and more time getting the job done!

Time and Expense Tracking That Fits Your Needs

Project Management


Journyx gives you the power to run successful projects with ease. Capture more accurate project time and cost data – so you can deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less stress.

  • Track project time and expenses in one place.
  • Make better project estimates and make adjustments where you need them.
  • Integrate with your key business systems, including Microsoft Project.


Streamline your payroll processes by using Journyx as a single point of entry for employee time tracking. Get timesheets submitted on time so you can generate paychecks quickly.

  • Eliminate manual timesheet entry by integrating with your payroll system.
  • Reduce timesheet corrections with automatic validation of timesheets.


With Journyx, you’ll be able to track time on client projects with more precision – which means less missed billables and more revenue.

  • Bill clients based on more data tracked at the client or project level, and invoice them quicker.
  • Integrate with your accounting/ERP system for easier project accounting and faster billing.

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Which Product is Right For You?

Journyx has two products built to suit your company’s size and needs: Journyx (our base time and expense tracking product) and Journyx PX for resource management.

craresources Tracks Consultant Time on Projects More Efficiently and Effectively with Journyx

craresources is a Clinical Recruitment Agency which specializes in the placement of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and Field Monitors for industry pharmaceutical and medical device companies. craresources currently provides CRAs to 43 clients where CRAs are presently assigned to 105 projects; so, because of the diversity of clients and projects they support, each consultant must track their time on a per-project, per-client basis.

Prior to choosing Journyx in 2016, craresources did not have a time tracking solution in place for consultants to use for this purpose – everything was tracked manually using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

According to Angela Roberts, CRA Recruitment Executive at craresources, “This created a challenge with accuracy of reporting time and expenses, as it is easy to overwrite calculations in Excel.” In addition, tracking time in Excel made it very difficult to capture the approval chain for billing purposes, the history for each consultant, and the spend per client/per project/per consultant.

“[Journyx] is intuitive, has excellent approval tracking for audit purposes, tailors well for our client projects and has reporting which can be valuable to the client.”

– Angela Roberts, CRA Recruitment Executive, craresources

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