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Track all your employee time and expenses for projects, payroll, or billing—one time, in one system. Journyx JX project time tracking software allows your organization to collect better workforce data for smarter, more informed business decisions.

Isn’t it frustrating having to chase after timesheets when they’re due, retroactively correct errors, or manually enter the same data into other systems for projects, payroll, or billing? Not only is this time-consuming and inefficient, but it is losing your company money.

What if there was a project time tracking software that could cut this process down to hours instead of days?

Employee Time Tracking Software for Project- or Client-Oriented Work to Help Your Business Grow

Journyx JX project time and expense tracking software streamlines the collection and processing of timesheets—helping companies across a wide range of industries grow their client billings, increase project profitability, and reduce payroll time.

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Journyx JX Features & Benefits Include...

Integration with Your Existing Business Systems

Using Journyx time tracking software doesn’t mean having to lose past data. You can integrate Journyx timesheet software with your existing business systems and cloud applications for increased efficiency and decreased resource costs. 

Journyx integrates with Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP, NAV, SL, AX, and 365 Finance & Operations and Business Central, QuickBooks, Microsoft® Project, ADP, and other systems for project time and expense tracking. This allows you to seamlessly move between your existing software and Journyx to streamline your payroll and billing.

A Simple User Interface with Big Potential

With Journyx, you can enter all of your time and expenses in one simple user interface. You can input project time and time off, and segment pay types for the same employee (including billable and non-billable projects). All your employees have to do is select the day, select a project, and enter their time.

The interface also lets you manage leave requests and calculate time off accruals. You can even create specific accrual processes that can then be applied as needed to your employees. The software is smart enough to use existing memorized entries to create new timesheets or expense reports.

Journyx project time and expense tracking software lets you enter time for your entire team with web-based crew time tracking. Your crew will spend less time filling out timesheets and more time getting the job done!

In-Depth Tracking and Reporting

Keeping track of time and expenses is key to making sure your projects stay at or under budget. Journyx project time and expense tracking software lets your employees keep track of their time and even the smallest expenses, so that you can see what your company’s money is being spent on and when.

With Journyx, you can get real-time reports on this data at the program, project, or task level. Reports include actuals vs. estimates, hours by activity, and total costs spent. Because the reports populate in real time, you can get up-to-the-minute information that helps keep your projects and employees on track.

You can schedule time and expense reports to run when you want, as often as you want. These metrics and reports help you make better decisions for your business that result in long-term gains. The software also lets you create dynamic dashboards and reports that you can then send to Excel and Power BI for even more analysis.

Built-In Validation to Ensure Accuracy

One of the most time-consuming parts of entering timesheets is making sure they’re accurate. Journyx has built-in tools for validating timesheet data automatically, so you can reduce manual corrections and spend less time doing payroll.

You can even validate time data entered into Journyx against rules you create based on your organization’s specific needs. This gives you the accuracy you require without having to constantly double check your work.

Secure Cloud-Based Accessibility for Your Entire Team

Many time tracking software programs require users to log on to an in-office network. Journyx lets you cut the cord so your employees can access the project time and expense tracking software from any mobile device. They can conveniently track their time and expenses across devices with mobile entry for iOS and Android.

Using a cloud-based service allows you to manage current and past timesheets, expenses, and custom entries—no matter where you are. You even have the ability to upload receipt images right from your mobile device. This takes the hassle out of making sure you get all the information you need to get payroll and billing done each month.

An increasingly global and mobile workforce requires secure cloud technologies, and Journyx takes data security seriously. Our security-first cloud architecture keeps your data protected and takes the burden of server and backup management off your hands. Your employees can feel confident that any information they input will be security stored and transmitted.

Simplify Timesheets and Get Key Workforce Insights with Journyx JX

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Time and Expense Tracking That Fits Your Needs

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Journyx project time tracking software gives you the power to run successful projects with ease. Capture more accurate project time and cost data—so you can deliver projects on time, on budget, and with less stress.

  • Track project time and expenses in one place.
  • Make better project estimates and make adjustments where you need them.
  • Sync with your key systems, like Microsoft Project.
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Streamline your payroll processes by using Journyx as a single point of entry for employee time tracking. Get timesheets submitted on time so you can generate paychecks quickly.

  • Eliminate manual timesheet entry by integrating with your payroll system.
  • Reduce timesheet corrections with automatic validation of timesheets.


With Journyx, you’ll be able to track time on client projects with more precision—which means less missed billables and more revenue.

  • Bill clients based on more data tracked at the client or project level, and invoice them quicker.
  • Integrate with your accounting/ERP system for easier project accounting and faster billing.

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