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  • Journyx Projectlink: Time and Resource Tracking for Microsoft® Project & Project Server

Journyx Projectlink

Microsoft® Project is great for project planning and management, but it lacks tools for tracking project actuals in one place and managing assignments and allocations. Journyx Projectlink™ is built to solve this problem with Microsoft® Project time tracking and cost tracking – so you can stay focused on delivering your projects, on time and on budget.

With Journyx Projectlink™, you can:

  • Track project time and costs once in Journyx and sync data to both Microsoft® Project and your ERP system to keep project budgets up-to-date.
  • Roll time and cost data up into the right projects in Microsoft® Project.
  • Track detailed project actuals at any time from any location, on desktop or mobile devices.
  • View accurate, real-time status updates for project coordination and project cost accounting and control.
  • Easily sync your Journyx time and cost data to Excel® spreadsheets using Journyx Reportlink™.

To learn more about Journyx Projectlink time tracking for Microsoft® Project, download the infosheet below.

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