Integrating Time Tracking with Your Accounting System

Frequently, when I work with accounting teams, they all have one glaring objective: get users’ time records into the accounting software quickly so that they can process payroll and billing.

Often, I hear the same cringe-worthy story: companies have been collecting timesheets either from Excel or paper sheets and manually reentering that data into their accounting platform.

I have nightmares of redundant data entry sprinkled with understandable human errors, employees not getting paid on time or accurately, and A/R needlessly spending time validating hours invoiced to a customer!

Most accounting programs offer some form of time tracking functionality, but those solutions are just too basic for complex business needs or too cumbersome for the end user. There comes a point when the basics just don’t cut it anymore.

What should your organization do? Finding and setting up a new accounting system with better time tracking capabilities isn’t the solution when such a large endeavor is often all consuming and frustrating.

Why reinvent the wheel when just adding the right spokes can make accounting processes stronger and keep the organization moving in the right direction?

That’s where integration comes in. By integrating your time tracking system with your accounting system, data like customer jobs and payroll items sync from the accounting software into the time tracking system – quickly creating the needed data objects for tracking time. Additional business data including employee information and their supervisors can be accessed and utilized in the most appropriate manner to “auto-magically” create user accounts and elaborate approval workflows. This means we spend less time manually collecting organizational information to implement time tracking and expediate system setup; allowing operational resources to get back to business.

Journyx has a user-friendly interface that intelligently collects time records, and has robust validation rules and customizable notifications that ensure each employee’s sheet is accurate and timely. Regularly scheduled syncs systematically push approved data to the accounting software for processing – eliminating the human error factor that duplicate entry and overly complicated multi-step processes create. This means the hours paid or billed corroborate with hours tracked in timesheets and less labor spent on manual data entry.

Accounting Integration Has Its Benefits

Time and again, organizations get excited to roll out their newly integrated systems because they now have a solution that does so much more than they were requiring. Not only are time records getting into the existing accounting platform quickly and easily, but companies are also experiencing these three key benefits:

    1. Simpler set up: using existing business data makes it much easier to set up time tracking system which means you’ll be able to use your system that much quicker!
    2. Easier time tracking: in addition to intelligently pre- populating suggested time records, the user has the added benefit of using one system to request leave and track available accrual balances. Beach day anyone?
    3. Better data: Configurable data validation rules minimizes time entry errors. No more 26-hour days!

When our work is complete, the organization has a seamless process for sharing data across two systems, creating a straightforward and accurate end to end accounting process. The stuff dreams are made of!

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