Tips for Keeping Your Cool While Running a Startup


Today on the Journyx Blog, we have guest blogger Diana Gomez, Marketing Coordinator at Lyoness America. Lyoness is an online shopping community that operates around the world.

In this article, Diana discusses how to keep calm and carry on, all while operating your own startup.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than quitting your lame day job in order to direct all your energy to your startup passion project. If you’ve recently made this move, first of all: congratulations! You are in for the ride of your life-complete with slow climbs to the top, gut-wrenching drops and copious amounts of upside-down loop-di-loops. But you know it’s all worth it for the existential satisfaction you feel day in and day out. That day job really was lame.

operating a startupA key component of running a successful small business is maintaining your positivity and composure even during those loop-di-loops. Consumers can be very intuitive of the first signs of faltering on the back end, and the front end of your business may suffer as a result.

Here are six tips for keeping your sanity as captain of the “SS Startup,” so that all your consumers ever see is smooth sailing.

1. An apple a day (and exercise and plenty of sleep).

The most obvious strategy in maintaining mental and emotional health is also the most overlooked. When in decent health, people often take their wellbeing for granted. Be purposeful in what you eat and drink, and exercise for 30 minutes every day. You’ll have more energy, self-confidence, and less stress. Plus, creative people generally agree that one of the best ways to get ideas flowing is to go for a walk or jog-the fresh air and boost in metabolism really can work wonders.

When your brain just can’t calm down, try meditation. It may seem cheesy, but yoga and guided meditation classes have been gaining huge traction for a reason. Think of it as erasing all the old junk from your e-mail inbox-a clear mind just feels better. Check out some online resources or a local wellness spot near you for more info on how to get started.

2. We all need somebody to lean on.

Is it safe to assume your business partners, employees and interns are all fabulous people to be surrounded by on a daily basis? Excellent. But when it comes to keeping your cool, confiding in them may not be your best option. No one can do it alone – so don’t be afraid to reach out for support in any way you need. Widen your circle to plenty of people who are willing to lend you their ear, and be open about lending them yours, as well.

If you’ve had a mentor in the past, remember that just because you no longer work with them doesn’t mean your relationship has to end. Mentorship is a symbiotic relationship. Just as mentees gain knowledge and advice in their endeavors, mentors get a sense of fulfillment and sustainability in their experiences by cultivating a fresh mind. Don’t be shy.

3. It may be a shark tank, but you can be koi.

It may be temping to research your competitors on a daily (hourly) basis. Are you keeping ahead of the curve? What are their consumers writing in their reviews? Do you even stand a chance? The truth is, your competitors are trying to keep their cool, too. You’re never getting the full picture of their business, so you don’t have to let it inform your view of yours. Allow yourself to check out what your competitors are up to once a week or less and you’ll maintain your focus – and sanity.

4. Switch it up.

A change in environment can do wonders for productivity. Whether that means rearranging your office furniture, working in your kitchen instead of your living room for the day, or enjoying an overpriced latte in the hippest neighborhood hangout, you are actually more influenced by your surroundings than you might think. Never underestimate the power of natural sunlight or a colorful painting-inspiration is absorbed in even the subtlest forms.

5. Get a life.

You know you need to take some time off, so do it! Feeling like a well-rounded person with experiences and interests outside of your startup will do wonders for your perspective, charisma and overall wellbeing. You’re more likely to meet interesting people if you’ve got more to talk about than sales projections. Laughter is important, so go see the newest Seth Rogan movie. Go skydiving – your business will look a lot different from 13,000 feet.

6. Renew your vows.

Everyone says it, but that’s because it’s vital: “Do what you love.” Never forget why you are devoting your life to your business. True love never fades, but passion does need some nurturing. To keep your motivation raging and your fires blazing, attend a startup weekend or get a drink with other entrepreneurs. Read some small business success stories. Revisit old mission statements and e-mails you wrote when your ideas were first starting to blossom.

Stay the course. Keep your cool. Do great things. And have fun!

About the Author: Diana Gomez, Marketing Coordinator at Lyoness America, implements business and social media marketing strategies. The Lyoness loyalty rewards program, where businesses and consumers benefit with free membership and money back with every purchase, can now be accessed on mobile devices


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