Use Advanced Scheduling Software to Grow your Bottom Line

Ask any manager who’s had to do employee scheduling, and they’ll tell you what a pain scheduling can be.

Journyx’s employee time and attendance software is full of features to make hourly payroll simple. It even includes some basic tools for employee scheduling. But if your organization needs advanced scheduling features, such as schedule rotation, creating shift rules, automatic shift assignments, or labor cost forecasting, we have you covered with our fully integrated employee scheduling software.

Here, we will be looking at the advanced scheduling features your business can use to build flexible schedules in minutes, see scheduling data in real-time, and improve labor efficiency to reduce costs and grow your bottom line—all while integrating seamlessly with your Journyx time and attendance solution.

Take Control with Fast and Flexible Employee Scheduling

Journyx’s advanced scheduling software makes it easy to see and edit employee schedules. With a drag-and-drop visual interface, and tons of tools for handling employee preferences and shift requirements, the complicated task of optimizing schedules is much easier.

You can quickly and easily build default schedules by department, position, or location. Or create unique default schedules for any number of employees. You can even copy schedule blocks from one week to another, making it easy to tweak a standard schedule to account for changing business needs, or adjust for changes in employee availability. These features are also great for planning out schedules for employees whose hours may change from week to week. You can also allow employees to specify their scheduling preferences and availability ahead of time, to minimize the need for shift changes.

With the power to move schedules by dragging and dropping, you can also quickly forecast alternate schedules and compare the projected labor expense to find the optimal balance between coverage and cost.

Once a shift has been edited, you can immediately share these changes with your team, keeping everyone in the loop and up to date on the most recent schedule. With the click of a button, your schedule can be exported, ready to share with employees or to be printed out for reference.

See your Resource Utilization in Real-Time

Resource visibility is one of the most important aspects of workforce management, so our scheduling software is focused on providing you with a clear view.

On the scheduling dashboard, you can get a snapshot of your workforce utilization by time and day, using real-time data. You can adjust this dashboard to see several different views to get a clear picture of your employees’ work and make accurately informed decisions.

With just the click of a button you can see:

  • Resource view by period
  • Schedule view by period
  • Daily resource utilization by position
  • Alphabetical hourly view by day
  • Hourly view by time per day

As well as seeing your live resource utilization, you can instantly run a report on any schedules you have made to optimize coverage. Scheduling reports can be filtered by group, department, position, or employee for convenience.

Automate Scheduling and Create Scheduling Rules to Keep Business Running Smoothly

Setting up automated scheduling can give you a head start with organizing your workforce. By creating scheduling rules that dictate your needs for shift coverage, you can use automated scheduling to generate new schedules that optimize your resource allocation and take your employees’ availability and scheduling preferences into account.

With shift coverage rules, you could ensure that any schedule you are making will follow your company policies and adhere to best practices. For example, you could ensure that there are always a proportional number of supervisors for the number of workers at a retail location.

Employee certifications can also be accounted for with scheduling rules. You can use the certification system to account for levels of training between employees, account for employees with specialized skills, and of course, keep track of which employees have the required certifications to perform specific tasks. Certification-based scheduling is especially important in fields such as healthcare, where employees’ qualifications determine whether they can perform certain tasks.

Save Time and Money with Advanced Scheduling Software

With so many tools to improve workforce efficiency, advanced scheduling software drives a clear return on investment. For any business that faces scheduling challenges organizing hourly employees, scheduling tools are essential for reducing costs and making agile, informed business decisions.

Journyx’s advanced employee scheduling software makes resource allocation automatic and easy, so your business can stay ahead of schedule.

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