Getting Smarter with Time Tracking and Microsoft Dynamics

Let’s face it: employees hate tracking their time. The top challenge many organizations face with time tracking is getting employees to submit their timesheets on time. In addition, the task of processing timesheets manually for project accounting, payroll, and billing is another big challenge for many organizations, because of the work, error, and inefficiencies it creates.

While Microsoft Dynamics offers some basic functionality for tracking employee time, several benefits can be gained with an integrated third-party time tracking solution. Such a solution will not only make it easier and more efficient to process timesheets, but also make it easier for employees to fill out and submit their timesheets – on time, and with fewer errors.

The following are three benefits of a time tracking solution that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics – so tracking time becomes smarter, easier, and helps your company become more profitable.

1. Time tracking software can offer advanced functionality beyond the context of payroll and accounting.

When properly configured, it can be used to ensure efficiency within an organization by tracking employee time at the project or task level as well as by department or client/account. The benefits are well worth the effort. By analyzing this information, it is possible to determine discrepancies in job role versus skill set. For instance, if an employee is generally assigned tasks in one area, but actually completes tasks in another with much more efficiency, it makes sense to assign them more of the tasks where they are most efficient. Organizational restructuring of this sort sounds complex, but it is possible to implement these minor changes regularly if the information is accessible and apparent. In fact, experiments like this are necessary for optimal growth of an organization, though they are often overlooked.

2. Time tracking software can make the task of filling out a timesheet easier and less painful for employees.

By taking advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence, time tracking solutions are developing “smart” features that practically fill out the timesheets for the employee – such as suggested entries based on calendar events and tasks, which become more and more accurate over time. Also, an increasingly mobile workforce across a variety of industries demands easy access to their time tracking system from any location. Having a more streamlined approach to time tracking software and making mobile apps more widely available to those who work in business will create more accurate time data since employees will be able to track time on the go using their phones.

3. Time tracking software can work with specific company needs in order to collect the most accurate time data.

With a customizable timesheet program, automatic reminders and data validations can be configured according to the specific needs of the company implementing the system. If, for instance, it is necessary to enter time daily, then an automated system will send a notification email reminding an employee to enter time each day. If that employee still forgets to submit their time, the system will send another reminder automatically. This helps keep employees on track without requiring supervisors or HR personnel to waste time tracking down timesheets. Similarly, if an employee is limited to working a certain amount of time, or should only be working on and tracking time to certain projects, the system should be configured with data validation rules to make errors in that regard impossible. With a system that can limit time entry options for individual staff members, teams, or departments and automatically reject invalid timesheets, businesses can save quite a bit of time on the timesheet approval and client billing processes by eliminating the need to manually correct errors.



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