How to Optimize Cost Accounting with Dynamics 365

Optimize cost accounting.

Iridium Communications Inc. is the only satellite communications company that offers truly global voice and data communications coverage, advancing the way global enterprises conduct daily mission-critical activities through reliable, low-latency communications services.

They have 425 employees worldwide, including contractors working in the field. Many of these contractors are tracking time against projects and for billing.

The finance team at Iridium was using Microsoft Dynamics® Great Plains (Dynamics GP), and utilizing Project Timesheets with Business Portal. When they upgraded to GP 2013, though, issues began arising.

According to Sandra Dodge, Sr. Financial Reporting and Systems Manager at Iridium: “During the upgrade testing, we discovered the Business Portal was not compatible with our current operating system software or current versions of GP.

“We chose to continue with the upgrade and keep the old server running for capturing the timesheets. For a full year, we migrated that data from the old GP environment to the new environment while we searched for solutions.”

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