Ternpoint Solutions Uses and Recommends Journyx for Project Time Tracking and Billing Efficiency

About Ternpoint Solutions

Ternpoint Solutions is a professional service consultancy focused on business transformation, particularly in the industrial products and food and manufacturing sectors. They required a time tracking and billing solution that could integrate seamlessly with BC, and Journyx proved to be the ideal choice. Ternpoint Solutions is both a Journyx partner and a customer.

Industry: Professional Services

Product: Journyx Project Time Tracking integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Ternpoint Solutions was looking for time entry tools to track their consultants’ time for projects, as the standard timesheet in Business Central wasn’t sufficient to meet their needs. They needed more detail and the ability to add time notes to be able to bill customers accurately and track time against project scope and statements of work. While Ternpoint had used Smartsheet for a while, it was not a sustainable solution as they grew. And, since Ternpoint is a Microsoft Solutions Provider, they wanted a platform that could integrate with BC for a streamlined workflow.


After researching various options, Ternpoint Solutions discovered Journyx in Microsoft’s app store. Impressed by its features and integration capabilities, they decided to implement Journyx for their time tracking and billing needs. The platform allows them to track time entries, manage time notes, and obtain approvals through different levels. The integration with Business Central ensures a smooth billing process.


Since implementing Journyx, Ternpoint Solutions has experienced significant improvements in their time tracking and billing processes. The detailed time notes allowed by the Journyx project time management solution allow them to accurately track project hours and generate precise invoices for their clients. The integration with BC has streamlined their billing workflow, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced manual effort.


Ternpoint Solutions’ decision to implement Journyx for time tracking and billing integration has proven to be a valuable investment. The platform’s seamless integration with Microsoft Business Central has improved the organization’s efficiency and accuracy in tracking project hours and generating invoices.

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