Journyx is Holding Its First-Ever Customer Conference

We’re excited to announce that the first-ever Journyx Virtual Customer Conference is coming in February!

During this one-day virtual conference, which will be held on February 19th, 2020, Journyx customers and partners will have the opportunity to dive into everything the Journyx time and expense tracking solution has to offer and gain valuable knowledge and insights to get the most value from it. The best part: attendees won’t even have to leave their offices, because it will be held entirely online.

The conference sessions will cover everything from basic administration to advanced usage, products and tools you may not know about, and what the future holds for Journyx. Just a few of the sessions on the conference schedule:

  • Did You Know? The Journyx Solutions You Didn’t Know You Needed
  • Why People Hate to Track Their Time (and What to Do About It)
  • From Smart Timesheets to Actionable Business Intelligence: What Journyx Will Deliver to You

Attendees will also hear from fellow Journyx customers during two of the sessions and learn more about their best practices using the software, including CymSTAR and Just Associates.

“This is something we’ve wanted to hold for our customers for quite some time, so it’s definitely about time this conference happened,” says Kari Foster, Director of Marketing at Journyx and event coordinator for the Journyx Virtual Customer Conference. “This is a great way for our customers and partners to learn a lot about Journyx in an easy way – online, from the comfort of wherever they happen to be.”

“We’re especially excited to show our customers what is on the roadmap for Journyx, because our goal is to change the way people think about tracking time,” she continues. “We’re very future-focused when it comes to how we want to develop Journyx.”

For more information about the conference and to register, visit the conference website here.

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