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Journyx Mobile WebsiteWe’re very happy to share some exciting news: we’ve recently launched a mobile site for Journyx. This means that when you view our website from your smartphone, it will automatically redirect you to our mobile optimized site. Easier navigation of the site and faster download times were the top two reasons we pushed for this initiatve. Below is a Q&A that I conducted with Stephen, the head of our mobile site launch, on this matter: 

What is the number one thing you want someone to come across when visiting the site?

I don’t know that I would necessarily say that we want one thing to come across more than others. Rather, the design is focused on getting necessary information into the hands of potential customers, whatever that may be. If someone is using a mobile device, particularly on a slower cellular network, it is imperative that they know where to look for information. Searching around a site with lengthy page load times is sure to turn off even the most interested consumer. We give customers the ability to try our product for free from every page, because once they have all the information they need, we want to remove all obstacles for them to get to the product.

What sort of features would you like to include in the mobile app in the future?

Ideally, it would be nice to include some level of interactivity directly through the mobile app. For instance, if users could sign up for and view a webinar all through the mobile site while at lunch or commuting on a bus, for example, that would be beneficial. When it comes to mobile, it really is all about convenience.

What did you use to build the site and how long did it take?

I used Dudamobile, a new service that allows users to customize mobile websites based on their existing sites. I found the service very beneficial in terms of getting a mobile site optimized quickly, and it allows for customization options including HTML and CSS coding. From start time to the first iteration of the mobile site, it only took about two weeks. The staff at Dudamobile was very responsive to all of my questions. Without their quality of customer service, it would have taken longer.

Head over to check out our mobile site here. Let us know of any suggestions you have by emailing me directly at[email protected].

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