How You Can Integrate Journyx with Other Apps Using Zapier

Now you can power up Journyx with the power of Zapier! We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Zapier to enable you to record time from other apps in Journyx! 

According to a survey report we published in May, 2018 entitled “How Smart Timesheets Are Shaping the Future of Work” ,74% of survey respondents reported working most of their time within various software applications – such as accounting/ERP, sales & marketing, customer service & support, and engineering & development. The question we asked ourselves, based on this data, is How can we make it easy for people to track the time they spend in those applications?

This is how our integration with Zapier was born. Zapier allows you to connect web-based apps you use every day and automate tasks and workflows. So, using Zapier, you can connect Journyx with other software applications to create Suggested Entries from those applications in your Journyx timesheet. These connections are called “zaps”.

Watch a demonstration of Zapier and our Journyx zap below:

Right now, our zap between Journyx and Google Calendar is available to Journyx customers for beta testing. This will allow you to sync your calendar items to your timesheet in the same way the integration directly with Exchange works for Outlook. More Journyx zaps are in development for other types of applications, such as Jira, Dynamics 365, and Slack.

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