Safe Solutions: Non-Contact RFID & Facial Recognition Time Clocks

The recent pandemic brought the use of typical time clocks into question.

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we look at many things we used to take for granted. Particularly in the last few years, many in the timekeeping industry have had to rethink the use and safety of time and attendance systems. But there are timekeeping solutions available that minimize repeated direct contact with employees.

Here we will be looking at non-contact and biometric time tracking systems to see how they can be implemented as alternatives to touch-based time clock hardware.

Are fingerprint or palm reading biometric time clocks sanitary?

Biometric time clocks have become the new industry standard over the past few years. The most popular biometric time clocks often use fingerprint scanning or palm reading for authentication. These biometric authorization systems are highly secure and sophisticated. Biometric clocks prevent employee time theft and inaccurate timekeeping and are a perfect complement to employee access control.

However, after the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses questioned the safety of using time clocks that require repeated contact with employees’ hands.

Fortunately, biometric time clock systems have limited points of contact. When an employee can clock in or clock out with just one finger or the press of their palm, each employee spends less time touching the same system, especially when compared to a pin pad time clock or a traditional punch card system, where each employee touches the same device repeatedly.

Biometric systems are safe when properly and frequently sanitized. Following best-practices guidelines about cleaning and sanitation, shared devices should be a high priority for regular cleaning. Even so, while some companies feel that a stringent policy of sanitization is sufficient, others may prefer to use alternative methods to clock employees in and out.

What alternatives are there to using touch-based time clock hardware?

Some customers have contacted us to ask about alternative time clock solutions after the coronavirus pandemic.

For some businesses, their preferred option was disabling palm or fingerprint biometric systems in favor of using non-contact time clocks. Others decided to switch to using our mobile timekeeping app instead of using time clocks. Other businesses made the shift to a partially or fully remote workforce, using our web-based clocking solutions to collect employee time.

What is a non-contact time clock?

Some time clocks are designed to ensure minimal contact and ease of use without compromising security. If this sounds appealing to you, it may be time to consider a non-contact time and attendance solution.

Many non-contact time clocks utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID time clocks rely on each employee using a unique RFID badge or employee ID card. When an employee approaches a time clock and presents their company ID, the system can be configured to automatically authorize them to clock in or out. This reduces the employees’ contact with the device. By making the time tracking process more efficient for your employees, you will also avoid crowding around time clocks when your business opens, changes shifts, or closes.

In addition, non-contact time clocks that use RFID badges are second only to biometric time clocks in terms of security. With a traditional punch card or pin pad time clock, employees could clock in or out for each other (also called “buddy-punching”), leading to inaccurate time keeping and even time theft. RFID badges add an extra layer of security, making it more difficult for employees to abuse your system. The most secure option for employee verification will still be biometric identification, but this comes at the expense of contact for most time clocks. Non-contact RFID time clocks offer a highly secure option with increased speed, ease, and sanitation.

Are facial recognition biometric time clocks a safe and sanitary solution?

Fingerprint and palm-scanning time clocks ensure the greatest security and authentication for time and attendance but require direct contact to operate. And typical non-contact time clocks provide an easy and sanitary option for workforce time tracking, but with the added expense of deploying RFID badges. Journyx offers a time clock that is anything but typical. Facial recognition time clocks combine the best features of biometric security with non-contact technology.

Facial recognition biometric time clocks offer the same benefits as your standard biometric or RFID time clock with none of the downsides. Just by standing in front of the biometric scanner, an employee could be effortlessly clocked in or out. No contact is necessary.

In some cases, biometric recognition technology may even work while employees are wearing personal protective equipment. And because of the unmatched security of biometric employee authentication, there is no opportunity for buddy-punching or time theft.

Are facial recognition time clocks the right fit for your business?

Biometric face recognition, unlike switching to RFID badges or mobile time tracking, may require new hardware. It is important to consider if this upgrade is right for your business.

Some firms will benefit more immediately, and at a lower initial expense, by upgrading their current Journyx time clocks to use RFID badges, or switching to using a mobile app or web-based time clocks.

However, for larger businesses with many on-site employees, efficient and automated systems can often demonstrate a fast return on investment. And time clocks with face recognition biometric functionality are quickly becoming the next gold standard for workplace sanitation and security.

At Journyx, we recognize that the health and safety of your valued employees and customers is your priority. That is why we are committed to providing the cleanest, safest, and most efficient time and attendance solutions for your organization.

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