What Do Software Resellers Look For in an ISV Partner

In the ever-changing ecosystem of partner channels, it is important for organizations to find Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that they trust, are experts in the industry and, more importantly, can provide the highest value to their customers.  I’ve interviewed several of our own partners to find out “what’s important to them” from a partner perspective, we learned the three most important factors they consider are:

  • Does the solution solve the primary need of the customer?
  • Does this solution make their customers “sticky”? (Meaning, less likely to attrit.)
  • What’s in it for me?

Of course, the most important factor: How is this ISV solution is able to solve the business problems I’m trying to solve for my customer?

Too many times, we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that the cheaper solution is not always the right solution.  Providing the solution that will best solve the needs of the customer and provide the best value is what’s going to lead to your customer’s success.

Providing the most valuable solution leads to customer “stickiness”.  With all the ERP solutions out there in the industry now, the happier you can make your customer, the more likely that customer will continue to stay with you and continue to generate revenue for the organization.  The more pieces of the puzzle you can complete for them, the less likely they will be tempted to move to the next “big thing”.

Finally, you’re running a for-profit business, so you always have to consider “what’s in it for me”.  In addition to customer satisfaction and customer retention, finding the right ISV that will provide that appropriate margin, provides a solution that is easy to implement and support, and doesn’t require up-front costs or quotas will all allow you to reduce your cost of doing business with that ISV and increase your profitability.


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